Dark Skin + Chemical Peel

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Chemical Peel for Dark Skin?

I am an African American, and I'm wondering, would Chemical Peel help with my dark facial scars? READ MORE

what is the most effective peel chemical and percentage for hyperpigmentated/sundamaged for dark african american skin!

I have sun damaged skin and I am African-American. I am perplexed by how many peels that are available to purchase. Please answer the following... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a chemical peel on the bikini area that with help lighten the blemishes or is that too harsh?

I am a healthy 19 year old woman w/ dark skin. For many years I have suffered from folliculitis & ingrown hairs on my bikini area which has left my... READ MORE

I have dark underarms, what should I do? (photo)

It started i think when i was in grade 6 and now i'm a 3rd college. i have more ingrown hairs in my right underarm than in left. i also sweat a lot... READ MORE

I got 5 sessions of chemical peel on buttocks for acne scars/dark skin but no results.

After 5 sessions of chemical peel on my buttocks for acne scars and dark skin, I don't see any visible improvement. The skin tone js very uneven and... READ MORE

Is kojic acid peel or TCA peel safe for dark skinned people who are treating a small area of hypigmented skin?

Is kojic acid peel or TCA peel safe for dark skinned people who are treating a small area of hypigmented skin? READ MORE

Are chemical peels for sensitive areas safe?

Hello Drs, I have dark inner thigh, I am hating it, I have been applying lemon and glycerin (I mix them together and apply overnight) to brighten my... READ MORE

Why Do I Have White Spots and Patches on Dark Skin After a Chemical Peel?

Hi, I had deep chemical peel done through a spa, by an esthetician. (I have dark colored South Asian Indian skin). As it was a deep peel, i have white... READ MORE

Today I received a Salicylic acid peel 20% at Plastic surgeons office. Is this normal? (fair-medium Asian skin).

Initially red and swollen, then sunspots, freckles and scars are very dark, skin is brown and tender. Doctor did a poor job of communicating to me... READ MORE

Safe peel. Which is the best peel that I can use at home safely to get quick results?

Am having dark skin around my lips and neck and dark circles also.there are many blemishes back acne on my back which is the best peel that I can use... READ MORE

Is that possible to change the black skin to fair one using peeling?

Hello sir I'm an indian black guy and I want to be look fair so is that possible to change the color of my skinn READ MORE

What are the risks involved with receiving a medium chemical peel? Also, how much would it cost?

I've heard that darker skinned women prefer this procedure but are at a higher risk of suffering from skin discoloration after having it. Is this true? READ MORE

Which is the best peel for skin lightening?

I have dark skin due to over exposure to sun. I need to lighten my skin tone. So,which is the best skin peel for lightening my skin tone? READ MORE

I am a young female with dark skin on my neck. Would you suggest a chemical peel? I need quick results

Do you suggest a chemical peel like glycolic acid or lactic acid? A little information about me: I am not and have never been overweight and my neck... READ MORE

Chemical Peel for skin lightening? (photos)

Hi there i am trying to even out my skin tone. I am biracial and stopped using sunscreen when i was ten. I play sports in the sun now my arms and face... READ MORE

Post PCA peel performed on my face about 5 days ago and it was my 1st chemical peel and my skin is darker/purplish now. (Photo)

The first section of my face to peel was my chin. However, I realized that the new skin was darker and has almost a purple undertone. I'm not sure if... READ MORE

Chemical peel for dark skin with eczema?

Hi, I have dark skin with african heritage. I also have ezcema and over the years I have been left with dark patches/hyperpigmentation from where my... READ MORE

What chemical peel can I use for my face? I'm 15 yrs old. Is it safe and how do I prep my face for it? (photos)

I want to get rid of acne scars that I have scratched off in previous times. I have quite a dark skin tone. And i want to use a chemical peel. By the... READ MORE

Will a Chemical Peel help w/ my clog pores on my leg? (Strawberry legs) If yes, what peel is recommended for dark skins. (photo)

I have been shaving all of my life (I now wax) but now that I'm older, I have noticed that the dark spots on my legs are filled with dirt. Its like... READ MORE

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