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BBL (BroadBand Light) is an IPL device for treating sun damage, age spots, freckles, small veins, rosacea, and acne. It can also remove hair and provide mild skin tightening. The device delivers pulses of light and heat to the upper layers of the skin.

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Forever Young Broad Band Laser to Treat Fine Lines and Pigmentatin

I have had about 6 of these treatments over the last 2 - 3 years and they have really improved my skin. Freckles and dark spots have virtually disappeared. Texture and over all appearance of my sink is greatly improved. I am very please with the over all outcome of the procedure. This was a... READ MORE

BBL (photofacial)

After being on birth control pills for several years and exposing my skin to the sun via vacations and even the tanning bed; the skin on my face was left extremely damaged. I had finally had enough and decided that I wanted to have a consultation to see what I could do to correct the damage. ... READ MORE

Better Than IPL

After 10 years and dozen of Foto facials/IPLs, I tried BBM because I still have be in spots and rosacea redness. It costs about 3 times more than my most recent procedures and i think it is worth it! I walked out of spa with sunburn like pain and face all blotchy. It has successfully attacked... READ MORE

Freckles Be Gone!!

When my 70 year old dad noticed that I had freckles, you know it's bad. LOL! After my two pregnancies, I had experienced more freckles and noticed that older freckles were even darker. I don't do a lot of sun so I was ultra surprised. Because I have Asian skin, I'm very careful about the... READ MORE

Horrible Traumatic Experience That Left Me with Scaring

I am a licensed esthetician as well as day spa owner. I rarely spend time in the sun and if i do i ALWAYS wear sunblock. I was starting to notice a patch of hyperpigmentation on my chest and had previously had a BBL Forever Young Treatment on my face and loved it especially since there was 0... READ MORE

Female / 41 / BBL Forever Young

In an effort to brighten my overall skin tone to correct years of sun damage and acne pigmentation, I found that Forever Young BBL was my logical procedure choice. Admittedly, research of YouTube videos and online reviews were mixed and prompted me to seek a private consultation for further... READ MORE

Loving my laser fullface Facial

Sciton FOREVER YOUNG ???????? So excited just had my first FOREVER YOUNG BBL face session . I did my treatment at 3:00 pm today and it was a very comfortable sitting . My clinician did apply a topical anesthetic to reduce any discomfort . In the care of the very experienced clinician , ... READ MORE

Broadband Light (BBL) Photofacial on Face/neck/chest - San Francisco, CA

I went to Dr. Konstantin Bukov for a Broadband Light Therapy (BBL) photo facial on my face/neck/chest (price above covered all 3 areas). In my mid-40's, I have sun damage which needed to be addressed. I am amazed at the effectiveness of BBL therapy and strongly recommend it for skin correction... READ MORE

Shiny New Penny - Chicago, IL

I came to Dr. ERICKSON a few months after a terrible motorcycle accident. I landed on my face fracturing my right eye socket and 40 stitches in my forehead over my right eye. After healing, I was left with uneven eyebrows and a scar. I looked as if I were questioning everyone. I also had age... READ MORE

BBL Without Brown Filter (For Now) - Miami, FL

I’m 48 years young ;-) and have suffered with sun-damaged skin on my face, neck and chest for many years. I’ve been told by several estheticians that I have rosacea—though not confirmed by a dermatologist, I tend to agree due to the redness and small capillaries I experience. I once had a pre-c... READ MORE

IPL - Sciton BroadBand Light - Denver, CO

My certified dermatologist performed this on me 2 days ago. It was difficult to research leading up to the procedure because he kept calling it IPL. However, based on some of the reviews, this can't be the same process, but I could not find anything called BBL (broadband light). I don't... READ MORE

A "Ray of Sunshine" at the Maloney Office Gives Me Great Laser Treatments

The bbl laser is fantastic. It has so many benefits it has improved the texture, color and elasticity of my skin. My skin now looks younger at 39 than it did at 38. At this rate, I'm looking forward to 40. The "forever young" treatment is amazing because there is no downtime at all and the... READ MORE

Extraordinarily pleased!

I absolutely love this place. I have worked with both Savannah and Jocelyn and was extraordinarily pleased with both. As I approach the age of 40, I am trying to heal my skin from sun exposure and prevent it from future damage. These ladies at Austin Weston have conducted a number of services... READ MORE

26 Year Old . Considering DR MALDONADO

Hey , I'm definitely getting some modifications to my body soon because I just want to be comfortable To my liking . I've been heavily considering dr Maldonado out of Dominican Republic , I was hopping for those who have went to him to give there honest reviews to help my decision good and bad I... READ MORE

Too Much Sun!

I wanted to remove several age spots on my face created by too much sun over the years. I work full-time and wanted a procedure that would not interfere with my schedule. I did not want to use micro-abrasion techniques or any make-up because my skin is very sensitive. The three BBL treatments... READ MORE

Clearer Skin - Lexington, KY

I love the BBL's. I have had IPL's and the BBL's are Much better. I have Rosacea and I love the way it reduces my redness. I have several of these over the last few years and there is nothing better to decrease redness. Makes your skin look so much better. I like topical numbing an hour before... READ MORE

I Had a Great Experirnce!

I received Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL) and lymphatic drainage to address redness and some uneven tunneling in my mid-section. It's helping! His staff is caring and Dr. Brown is creative and thinks outside of the box. I found the BBL to be far more comfortable than the IPL of old. READ MORE

Sciton BBL-made Face Sag and Twitich

I had one Sciton BBL forever young. I wanted to get rid of dark spots from sun damage. The procedure hurt a lot. like hot burns as opposed to rubber band snaps that they said it would feel like.I had a lot of swelling and brown spots still on my face two months later. I have now developed a... READ MORE

Best Med Spa in the Woodlands

Dr. Peet and his staff are truly AMAZING! Janet is the best estecian I have ever been to. When we walk in the door they all make us feel like family!! I've had SkinPin, BBL and chemical peels done and my husband has had laser hair removal, which have all been fabulous. We love everything about... READ MORE

Superb results!

The results I received from the BBL and Halo2 were better than any laser procedure I've ever had in the past! It's really incredible! The Halo laser is more intense then the BBL, but the BBL really gets rid of age spots! The numbing cream they use is superb, and as the procedure continues, you... READ MORE

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