Teenager + Breast Reduction

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Teen Breast Reduction

I am 14 years old but my breasts have given me a lot of problems: back pain, shoulder pain, extremely bad posture etc. My breasts already sag like... READ MORE

5'2", 120lb, 38C - Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

I am 19 yrs old,5'2 and I weigh just under 120 pounds (very small frame).my bra size is 38C and my breast are very saggy with stretch marks.I have... READ MORE

Age 15 - Can I Get a Breast Reduction?

I'm a 36DD, my height is 5'7, and my weight is currently 170p. I really enjoy sports but can't do much because of back and neck pains. It... READ MORE

Do You Think I Need Breast Reduction Surgery? 14 Years Old

I am 14 years old and I have a VERY small frame but I have big breasts. I suffer back, shoulder and neck pain (especially when I am sitting)and my bra... READ MORE

Am I to Young for a Breast Reduction at 15?

I am 15 years old an have a DD chest side. I have done some research on breast reductions and didn't find an answer about the breasts growing back... READ MORE

Teen Breast Reduction: Waiting Necessary for Teenagers?

I'm almost 16 and I have a 40DD breast size. Do I need to wait to have a breast reduction? READ MORE

15 Years Old, 4'9", 34DD, Size 00 in Jeans. Can I Get a Reduction?

I have scoliosis, so i have a lot of back pain. And i am almost 16, so i am in highschool, and i get a lot of ridicule for my boobs being bigger than... READ MORE

My daughter is 15 and has extremely large breasts with curved posture, when is it recommended to get a reduction?

My daughter is 5'3" and even though large breasts tend to run in my family, my daughter at 15 is an E size cup maybe larger. I have noticed her bad... READ MORE

16 Years Old, 5'2 + 120 Lbs, and Have 34D Cup Breasts. Could I Get Surgery?

My mom is a nurse and she's worried about me getting surgery. She says most doctors won't see me, but I have major back pain along with... READ MORE

Is 15 Years Old Too Young for Breast Reduction?

I went to get a consultation yesterday, and the doctor told me to wait. im a 36D i have all the symptoms of big breasts. (sagging, back,neck, and... READ MORE

How to Convince Parent That Breast Reduction is Needed

I'm 15 years old and have 34DD breasts--almost DDD. I'm thinking about getting a breast reduction done. I have read a lot in websites about getting it... READ MORE

How Do I Bring Up That I Want a Breast Reduction?

Hi, I am 16 and when i was going through my 8th grade transition to a freshman i grew 4 cup sizes then i grew 1 more size now i am 32DDD and i have... READ MORE

I Am 13 Years Old and I Am 34 C. Is It Okay to Have a Breast Removal Surgery?

I am 13 years old and I am 34 C. I don't feel comfortable with my breasts. I want to make a breast removal surgery. Is it okay? READ MORE

Should Teens Get Breast Reductions?

I am 18 years of age and i have a lot of pain i cannot take it no more but i love them but it to much of a lil girl like me too have ddd 39 READ MORE

What are my chances of getting a breast reduction?

Hello, I'm 16 years old and I have been wanting a breast reduction for 2 years now. I've had large breasts since I was 13. I was a 32DDD in 7th grade... READ MORE

Breast Reduction As a Teen

I am 16 years old, about 112 lbs, 5'3" and extremely active. There is just one problem, I have size 32 DDD breasts, which gives me mild back... READ MORE

Would Insurance Cover Teenage Breast Reduction, Size 32G?

My daughter is 15 about 5'4 and 115 lbs. She is a 32G pushing into an H and she complains a lot about her back and she has had a few mental... READ MORE

I Am Teenager With Very Large 14FF (36FF US) Breasts- What Are My Options?

Hi i am 15 and i have been having chronic back neck shoulder and knee pain for about 2 yrs now. reason being is that i have 14FF (36FF US) breasts.im... READ MORE

Therapy Vs Breast Reduction for a Teen?

I am 14 and I have a 36D breast size and am 135 lbs. I have,in the past,had minor back problems and has gotten increasingly worse. I also get teased... READ MORE

Can I Get my Breast Reduction at 15?

Im 15 , i wear a 48DDD I really want a breast reduction it sucks to have big breast at a young age. My breast are holding me back from alot I cant... READ MORE

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