Scoliosis + Breast Reduction

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15 Years Old, 4'9", 34DD, Size 00 in Jeans. Can I Get a Reduction?

I have scoliosis, so i have a lot of back pain. And i am almost 16, so i am in highschool, and i get a lot of ridicule for my boobs being bigger than... READ MORE

Are There Any Grants for Breast Reduction Surgery?

I am 48 years old. I had a Whilms Tumor at 3 mos. As a result of chemo and radiation have major scoliosis. I have indents in my shoulders that have... READ MORE

Will Having Scoliosis Make Me a Better Candidate for Insurance Helping with Breast Reduction?

I'm currently 22, 189lbs, 5'4" and wear a size 38G. I have had scoliosis since I was a kid, so I'm no stranger to back pain. I'm... READ MORE

I'm 15 and May Be Getting a Breast Reduction: What is the Estimated Healing Time?

I am 15 with 34DD, and in a week I will be talking to a surgeon about getting a breast reduction, And before that happens I was just wondering the... READ MORE

I have a really large chest 38 G cup. Can I Get a Breast Reduction at 14?

I have a really large chest--38 G--and I am only 14 years old! Plus, my chest already sags a little--I'm going to guess it's because of gravity.... READ MORE

Where Will a Breast Reduction of 500g Leave Me? I'm a DD-DDD Now.

Hello, I have recently been approved by my insurance company for a breast reduction, but 500g have to be removed. I am 5'2 and currently a 34 full... READ MORE

What's my Bra Size? Could I Get a Reduction?

Hello , im an 18 yr old female. im 5 foot 3 inches, 139-140 lbs,, and im wondering what bra size i am i know it varies from doctor to doctor, but... READ MORE

Am I eligible for a breast reduction? I'm 4"11, 118 pounds, and I'm a 30F with fibrocystic breasts and scoliosis. (Photo)

I've had large breasts since school, and they are the bane of my existence. Thanks to them, I've also got a sprained back I can't seem to fix because... READ MORE

I Am Currently a 42J and my Doctor Wants Me to Go to at Least a C Cup?

I am over weight at about 328 lbs and 5"3. I also have scoliosis, degenerative disk disease, osteoarthritis too. I have a lot of neck/ back/ shoulder... READ MORE

I Have Scoliois and my Breast Are 36 Dd Am 5 Feet Tall Weight 130 Pounds?

I have scolois n get a lot of back pain and discomfort. My bra size is 36dd am 56 of age, and I weight 130 would my insurance pay for it .i have... READ MORE

Is it a good time to see if it's possible to get a breast reduction? (photos)

I'm 22 years old, 5"5, 120lbs and I'm a 34G. Quite breast feeding my son back in November. Currently have state insurance. Have horrible posture due... READ MORE

I have horizon BCBS with a 35% co insurance, how much will come out of my pocket? (Photo)

I am 34HH. I am 23 with slight scoliosis with upper and lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, bra indents. I'm pretty thin, I'm size 34 and 6 in... READ MORE

I have Medicaid and suffer from scoliosis. Would I qualify for breast reduction?

I have Medicaid and I was diagnosed with multiple scoliosis and going to physical therapy I have large breasts nonstopneck and back pain what is the... READ MORE

Will I Be Required to Lose Weight Before a Breast Reduction, Even with Breast Pain?

I go for a consultation next week, but I wanted to prepare myself first. I'm 5'4", and 215 lbs. I'm not sure of the right size of my breasts; as I... READ MORE

Will insurance cover a breast reduction? (Photo)

Ok. I'm 5'3 and 125lbs. My breasts went from a 34C to 34H from my pregnancies. I want to go back down to a C/D but have 1 more child to have and they... READ MORE

Can an insurance company pay for breast reduction in Miami, Florida?

I have severe scoliosis, my breast size is either F or G depending on bra brand. I am in pain every day and now its to the point where my back is... READ MORE

Will insurance cover my reduction? (Photo)

I am 1 year postpartum. A cup before baby now D or higher. I am 22 years old. I suffer from scoliosis pain and feel that my larger breast contribute.... READ MORE

I am 20 years old I am 5' 3" and I weigh 100lbs, size 32DD and am wondering if I am a candidate for breast reduction. (photo)

I have back neck and shoulder pain, and deep marks from bra straps and bad posture. I find it very difficult to sit or stand up straight without... READ MORE

I am 16. I weigh 9 stone (126 lbs) and my breasts are 30H. It's causing me pain as I have slight scoliosis and bad posture.

How old do I have to be if I would like a breast reduction. I really would like to talk to someone to help me but I'm to embarrassed to find help. I'm... READ MORE

Will insurance cover the cost of breast asymmetry correction if it causes psychological problems and worsening of scoliosis?

I am 17. My right breast is a B and my left is a D. It has caused psychological problems. I have talked to a psychologist several times. I also have... READ MORE

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