Gauze + Breast Reduction

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Wound care with Silvadene looks strange after breast reduction. Is this normal?

I had a breast reduction 3 1/2 weeks ago. About a week after surgery I started getting a wound under my breast where the inverted T met. My doctor... READ MORE

5 week since breast reduction and I have a slight split! What do I do

Hey.    I had a breast reduction 5 weeks ago and I have had a slight split were the T cut is! At first it was abit gammy but now it's just... READ MORE

3 weeks post breast reduction. Wound healing problem? Separation? (Photo)

Had br on Oct 29th. I had drains, removed before I went home. Steri strips used. No oozing or blood on gauze. two week check up, Steri strips replaced... READ MORE

My Plastic Surgeon Told Me to Wear One of my Underwire Bras over the Gauze 4 Days Post Breast Reduction. Is This Okay?

It's been 6 days since my breast reduction. On the 4th or 3rd day, my plastic surgeon told me to bring one of my bras to wear over the gauze and he... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 9 weeks post op and another hole appears. It's oozing a little blood stained fluid. Should I be worried?

I had my reduction done 9 weeks ago but had problems with healing as immune suppressed . Holes are healing slowly but have just found another area... READ MORE

How long on average does a wound like this take to heal? Breast Reduction. (Photo)

How long on average does a wound this size take to heal. And how long after starting treatment should I expect to see any changes. I started teating... READ MORE

Breast reduction lift - how to care for blisters to heal? (Photo)

04/1/15 had surgery, experienced blisters sterile strips are off. my routine is neosporin daily after cleaning with peri oxide , allow the breast to... READ MORE

How long will an open wound after breast reduction take to heal? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction almost 6 weeks 2.5 weeks, I applied polysporin to the incision to help with it sticking to my gauze. It got infected... READ MORE

When should I change the gauze/dressing?

Had BR on 12/23 I wanted to see the result but the gauze seems to be kind of stuck to the incisions and I am scared to just pull it off. I have drains... READ MORE

Why would I be having an allergic reaction after a breast reduction?

I'm on my 3rd post op day from having my breast reduction and I've recently noticed that I feel as if I'm having an allergic reaction around my... READ MORE

I have an open wound. Should I clean and change the gauze? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago then had to go back into surgery to remove a large hematoma one week ago. My surgeon put in stronger stiches so... READ MORE

Wound care after necrosis. How long should keep gauze on while it's stuck to wound? (Photo)

Thank you to the doctor's that commented on my last question. I know that what I experienced was necrosis. My doctor told me to change the gauze... READ MORE

Big wounds after breast reduction 2 months ago - 3rd of October surgery date. (Photo)

My surgery was in Peru so the dr closed wounds every time (3times) before I left instead of secondary healing.I believe the skin and the tissue was/is... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction in June. I have opened up on both breasts at the t section. How long will it take to heal?

I've been told to clean it twice a day with saline or warm salty water. I've also been putting jelonet on it and covered them with non stick gauze.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have an wound open at 5 weeks? Do my pre-op photos explain why my surgery had poor results? (Photo)

Follow up to 5 weeks post op.... READ MORE

When should I be changing this aquacel dressing? (Photo)

I just want to know when you suggest removing gauze/hydrogel dressing? I was doing it everyday, but my husband thinks I should keep it a little longer... READ MORE

Post breast reduction worries. Should I keep my nipple covered instead of letting it dry? (Photo)

I had a breast reconstruction almost 4 weeks ago. My left nipple has healed wonderfully, but my right nipple has had much more scabbing. Just... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to improve my opened wound on my breast? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction/life July 9,2015 around 12 days after my reduction one of my stitches opened on both breast. One side is healing very well... READ MORE

How long should I expect to keep having fat necrosis post BR? (Photo)

I've had a BR from a 36H to approx DD cup (yet to be measured). I was told no bras just vest top with gauze inside for x2wks. I am now in post op... READ MORE

Left nipple is leaking. Is it infected? (Photo)

My left nipple is leaking and looks weird. When I take the gauze off it starts bleeding. Is it infected? READ MORE

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