G To D Cup + Breast Reduction

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When Do You Know What Size You Will Be Post Breast Reduction? (photo)

I was about a 36 G/H and had 762 grams removed from my right and 556 grams removed from the left. I am 3 weeks post-op and tried on a 36 DDD bra I... READ MORE

I'm a 34G and Waiting on Insurance Approval for my BR. Want a D but PS Said Based on Insurance Regulations? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 34G and waiting on insurance approval for my BR. I would like to be a D but PS said based on insurance regulations I might be a C. I... READ MORE

I want a Breast Reduction from 32G to 32C/D. Is it better to remove as much tissue as possible and then go with an implant?

Starting about 6 months ago I was not able to run anymore due to my breasts. I want my life back! 1) I want to reduce form 32G to 32C/D, but I’m w... READ MORE

18 days post op: Open wound at areola. Surgeon out of town. How can I speed up healing? (photo)

I had a BR; went from 34G to 34C-D. The open wound appeared 2 days back. I bathe with antibacterial soap, apply mupirocin ointment, cover with gauze... READ MORE

6 wks post op, right breast is wider, nipple is higher, no sensation. Will my breasts continue to reduce? (Photo)

My right breast was always bigger than the left. Happy with the left breast . The op included lipo suction of the extra tissue under my armpits. I was... READ MORE

Very significant swelling after three months. Is it normal? (Photo)

Hello, I got my reduction 3 months ago. I started at a 34G and the result was supposed to be a small D or C cup. From the beginning I was swollen, and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a lollipop incision breast reduction? Currently 38G, would like full D. (Photo)

Am I a good candidate for a lollipop incision breast reduction? Currently 38G, would like full D. READ MORE

Have Implants That Are Way Larger Than Asked For...now What?

I got implants over five years ago because of two different sized breasts. I wanted them to be even but the doctor made them huge! From a D to a G! I... READ MORE

Hi there. I have a question about the amount of grams would be removed for a specific cup size reduction. (photos)

I am currently a 36G or 34H. I am technically a 35 GG but no such sizes. I have talked with my ins and they are willing to cover it if I can get their... READ MORE

Should I go smaller than a D cup? (Photo)

I wear a 38G cup size and I just went for consultation for a breast reduction. My desire size is 38D. I am confused because the surgeon said remove 12... READ MORE

Breast Sonogram. Would this prevent me from having a reduction? (Photo)

I'm. 38 years oled I had a mammo and sono back in October. Because my Gynecologist felt a lump in my left breast, which both test didn't pick up on,... READ MORE

Breast Reduction or scarless liposuction (photos)

I wear a 40G. I can't decide if I want to have a regular reduction or the scarless reduction by lipo. I'm hoping to be a size D READ MORE

Do I need a revision? Do I need to sue? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction on 12/26/16 and I am not happy with results. I have a lot of left over skin, one boob is shaped a little different and so is... READ MORE

What do I need? Breast reduction, lift or both? (Photo)

What would I require a breast reduction, lift or both? I am a 34G and would like Possibly around D-DD. Would my nipples need removed and would I need... READ MORE

Insurance and reduction? (Photo)

I'm. looking to have a breast reduction in July I have 1199 national benefit fund. I found two doctors that take my insurance, however I would like to... READ MORE

Is 250 gm enough??

I'm 46 yo and ~34g  PS keeps saying 250 gram is his estimate. He won't even discuss cup size with me or look at pictures, as he says its to... READ MORE

If I get a breast reduction and my weight stays pretty much the same(I am 5'7 160) will breast grow large again? I am a 38G

I went to meet with a physical therapy doctor who was a total moron. He said I should use racer back bras(which is impossible to find in my size),... READ MORE

How do I know if my nipple was completely cut and reattached? (Photo)

I had a breadt reduction last April from a G to a D. I'm happy with the results, I'm just wondering if my surgeon cut my entire nipples off and... READ MORE

Breast Reduction G to D, will insurance cover it? I weigh 160 lbs. I'm 5'7", 23 years old (Photo)

I often have lower back problems, I've been working out trying to strengthen my back and shrink my breast for the past 2 years and nothing. I would... READ MORE

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