Anxiety + Breast Reduction

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Should I be worried about having staples used with a breast reduction?

I had a consult for a breast reduction and one thing that scared me was he uses staples under the breast crease. I am freaking out about scaring. He... READ MORE

Reducing Blood Pressure before Breast Reduction

Can I take a xanax to relax n lower my pressure or will it effect the anesthesia? My preop was on the 17th, n my pressure was 186/126, I do have... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Be So Anxious Post Operatively?

I am 3 days PO. I don't actually have any problems but I am anxious about everything. Aside from a bit of heat and minimal bruising/redness/discomfort... READ MORE

Can I take a xanax the morning of my surgery?

I am getting a breast reduction tomorrow morning and i suffer from severe general anxiety and get really severe nausea in situations like this. So i... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, do I have an infections after Breast Reduction? (photos)

I had a reduction 2 weeks ago. I am now having some anxiety about the color of discharges and my skin. My plastic surgeon is hard to get ahold of and... READ MORE

Nipple/areola discoloration? (Photo)

I am seven days post op and will be returning to my PS early next week. I am concerned about darkness of upper nipple/Areola area. I still have... READ MORE

Lollipop or anchor? Scars is causing me a lot of anxiety. 31 and single. (photos)

BR scheduled for 4 weeks from now. I am excited but scared. So happy to not have all attention drawn to my chest, less neck pain, be able to work out... READ MORE

I'm from the UK ,in a Month's Time I Am Having a Second Breast Reduction and Uplift.

I would like advice regarding the most effective and safest technique to be used. My surgeon said he would use the superior pedicle or breast mound... READ MORE

Post-operative depression after BA?

I had a BA a week ago. My surgery and recovery has been great. My PS and I were on the same page with my expectations and I am thrilled with the... READ MORE

Can a woman develop any sort of cancer by doing a breast reduction?

I am interested it getting this done and long with a butt implant but i am worried that a client can develop cancer because of these procedures READ MORE

I am 23 5 '2 and have ff or g breast Am I able to get a breast reduction? Also how long does it take ?

I am depressed and have anxiety because of my breast , sever back and neck pain , cant lay on stomach and I hate my self because of them . I have no... READ MORE

Anesthetic anxiety

I have spent days on this site searching breast reduction, healing, post op......I am by nature someone who always needs to be in control. I am... READ MORE

Is Surgery Abroad Necessary? Breast revision needed

2 years ago I had a breast reduction in LA. I travelled from Ireland all the way to a recommended surgeon. I will now need a breast revision as... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Operative Depression / Anxiety / Panic Attacks - Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago and went from a G cup to approx DD cup .. I had no high expectations of the surgery, however, I have had this... READ MORE

Is it common to develop a blood clot after breast reduction surgery? Worried.

I worried and scared. Has made me anxious and sad.The blood clot is in my calf. I had a ultrasound. According to the vascular Dr. It isn't located in... READ MORE

Rash 5 weeks after breast reduction, anxiety making me panic!

I had breast reduction surgery on the NHS just over 5 weeks ago,yesterday the lower part of my right breast developed a pink area. It is a bank... READ MORE

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