Anxiety + Breast Reduction

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Should I be worried about having staples used with a breast reduction?

I had a consult for a breast reduction and one thing that scared me was he uses staples under the breast crease. I am freaking out about scaring. He... READ MORE

Reducing Blood Pressure before Breast Reduction

Can I take a xanax to relax n lower my pressure or will it effect the anesthesia? My preop was on the 17th, n my pressure was 186/126, I do have... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Be So Anxious Post Operatively?

I am 3 days PO. I don't actually have any problems but I am anxious about everything. Aside from a bit of heat and minimal bruising/redness/discomfort... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, do I have an infections after Breast Reduction? (photos)

I had a reduction 2 weeks ago. I am now having some anxiety about the color of discharges and my skin. My plastic surgeon is hard to get ahold of and... READ MORE

Can I take a xanax the morning of my surgery?

I am getting a breast reduction tomorrow morning and i suffer from severe general anxiety and get really severe nausea in situations like this. So i... READ MORE

Nipple/areola discoloration? (Photo)

I am seven days post op and will be returning to my PS early next week. I am concerned about darkness of upper nipple/Areola area. I still have... READ MORE

I'm from the UK ,in a Month's Time I Am Having a Second Breast Reduction and Uplift.

I would like advice regarding the most effective and safest technique to be used. My surgeon said he would use the superior pedicle or breast mound... READ MORE

Lollipop or anchor? Scars is causing me a lot of anxiety. 31 and single. (photos)

BR scheduled for 4 weeks from now. I am excited but scared. So happy to not have all attention drawn to my chest, less neck pain, be able to work out... READ MORE

Can a woman develop any sort of cancer by doing a breast reduction?

I am interested it getting this done and long with a butt implant but i am worried that a client can develop cancer because of these procedures READ MORE

Post-operative depression after BA?

I had a BA a week ago. My surgery and recovery has been great. My PS and I were on the same page with my expectations and I am thrilled with the... READ MORE

Anesthetic anxiety

I have spent days on this site searching breast reduction, healing, post op......I am by nature someone who always needs to be in control. I am... READ MORE

I am 23 5 '2 and have ff or g breast Am I able to get a breast reduction? Also how long does it take ?

I am depressed and have anxiety because of my breast , sever back and neck pain , cant lay on stomach and I hate my self because of them . I have no... READ MORE

Is Surgery Abroad Necessary? Breast revision needed

2 years ago I had a breast reduction in LA. I travelled from Ireland all the way to a recommended surgeon. I will now need a breast revision as... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Operative Depression / Anxiety / Panic Attacks - Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago and went from a G cup to approx DD cup .. I had no high expectations of the surgery, however, I have had this... READ MORE

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