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How Many Cc is Needed for 36 to 38C Breasts?

I'm going to have breast reconstruction due to a double masectomy. Please help me, this is very stressful. READ MORE

Breast Implant Size for 34C After Mastectomy?

I recently had a bilateral mastectomy and now have a tissue expander. I would like to know, what breast implant size would give me a size 34C after my... READ MORE

750cc Implant Size After Double Mastectomy

I had a double mastectomy a few months ago (after testing positive for the gene). I've had the expanders in since surgery and am getting ready for... READ MORE

3 Months Post- Mastectomy. 29 Band Width, 5'4, 130 Lbs, Expanded to 450cc. What Size Should I Go?

Have expanders to 450 currently. Not sure what size implant to get...silicone 450 or 495? Currently still getting expanded. What sizes would this be?? READ MORE

Safest Size Implant to Avoid Sagging Post Mastectomy?

I'm getting a prophylactic mastectomy and I was wondering what size implant(maximum number of cc's)you'd recommend for reducing the risk... READ MORE

Which Implant Size to Keep B Cup After Mastectomy?

I am 5'2. 120 lbs with chest measurements of 36B before mastectomy. If I want the same size, how big should the implant be? READ MORE

Really Need Help with Choosing Final Size and Placement of Implants After Reconstruction, Help?

Doctors,I had a Bilateral(skin and nipple-sparing) mastectomy 11/2011. I'm 5'7", 130-5 lbs. My bra size pre-surgery was a full 36B to 36C... READ MORE

Double Mastectomy, Keloids, and Increasing Cup Size Questions?

I'm 25, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have the BRCA2 mutation, and am having a double mastectomy. First, will I be able to increase my cup... READ MORE

Why would my plastic surgeon put in 2 diff size implants?? Is the tissue in the left breast gonna die? (photos)

2 weeks ago i had a nipple sparing double masectomy. My sergeon did not do a pre-op appt nor did he discus my options. I didn what to expect when i... READ MORE

Prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction - Am I increasing the risk of skin not lasting the surgery

I am 33 y.o., 5'6", ribcage 31inch, breast width 13cm. I have a prophylactic mastectomy planned with immediate reconstruction - mentor cpg 322 330cc... READ MORE

Going from expanders to implants and fat grafting. Is it possible to use a smaller implant and more fat?

When going from expanders to implants is it possible to use a smaller implant and more fat? to do this should I get a little over expanded as to not... READ MORE

What is the best type and size of implant for immediate reconstruction following a bilateral mastectomy? (photos)

I am 5'9", 145 pounds, and the length of my chest from outer breast to outer breast is 14 inches. Eradicating the cancer is priority one! Yet I... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Size?

I had a mastectomy on my right breast in Nov of 2014. I am normally an A cup but would like to go up to a C during breast reconstruction. My plastic... READ MORE

After having a prophylactic mastectomy could a D cup size implant be used in a ptotic C cup breast?

Ptotic breast with the clavicle to nipple distance measuring 29 cm and nipple to inframammary fold 12 cm, breast base 17cm bilaterally. READ MORE

At a crossroads on implant choice for reconstruction exchange surgery. How can I choose the right size?

At 23 I had bilateral mastectomies & expanders then exchanged to 800cc mentor silicone implants. I have had 2 ruptures in the past 10 years and now am... READ MORE

Is my silicone implant ruptured? Is this normal? (photo)

Dx: bilateral BC. 5 months ago double MX, immediate reconstruction (prior implants). Rt axillary dissection 5 wks later. PT resolved AWS/cording. 3... READ MORE

At 32 I was Dx w/stage 3 BC, completed chemo, radiation & the Latissimus flap which failed. Should I try TRAM flap?

After radiation We tried expanding but my skin was to tight and thin. so we went with the latissimus flap. after 3 surgeries (due to the skin & half... READ MORE

I had a left mastectomy. I'm 5'10, 180lbs. My bra size is 40DD. I almost had DIEP flap. What's the biggest implant I could have?

However, the artery in my chest was damaged and she wasn't able to complete the tissue transfer. She had to put in an implant. My implant is 750 ml,... READ MORE

Can one breast look different if there were used the same type and size of implants for breasts reconstruction under muscles?

Can one breast look different (narrower breast) than the other if there were used the same type and size of implants placed under muscles for... READ MORE

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