750cc Implant Size After Double Mastectomy

I had a double mastectomy a few months ago (after testing positive for the gene). I've had the expanders in since surgery and am getting ready for my final exchange in a few weeks. Is 750cc too large of an implant? What cup size will I actually be?

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Size depends on your size

If you have been expanded that much already and looks good on you, the final implants will look and feel great. Size depends on your measurements. If you are a bit overweight and have a thickness of fat over your chestn then you will need a size like you mentioned. In an average patient having immediate , single stage reconstruction , I put in any where from 400 to 800. All depends on the amnount of skin available and your size.

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There is no way to guarantee a particular bra size. Bra sizing varies greatly between bra manufacturers and a C in one bra will be a D in another. What matters more than the assigned bra size is the way the implant looks on you. The best option for your body and aesthetic goals can be determined in a thorough implant sizing session.

Implant sizing depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is your breast width. Generally, your surgeon will measure your breast width, and then provide you with a range of implant sizes appropriate for your native breast size. There are more nuances to it than just what I've described, but this approach works for most women.

I usually have my patients bring in a large bra and a tight t-shirt to do sizing. I'll then choose 3-4 implants that I feel are appropriate, and have my patients place them in the bra under the tight t-shirt. My patients can then look in the mirror and get a good sense of what they will look like with the provided implant sizes. My patients like this approach and get a great idea of how they will look.

By using this technique, your surgeon can outline a range of appropriate implant sizes that will be aesthetically pleasing, and you make the final decision.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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Breast reconstruction implants are chosen during expansion.


As you were expanded, you could see what you looked like with each increased volume.  So just tell your surgeon which was the volume you were most comfortable with.  If you are a big woman. 750 cc's is fine.

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Choosing implants

The best way to get an idea of volume, is to figure out at what level you were happy with the expanders.  Then go from there.

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Implant size after mastectomy

This is a very commonly asked question.  It is hard to predict what cup size you will be without knowing your chest circumference, your proportion (height and weight), and bra manufacturers.  As you know, each bra company has slightly different sizing.  If you like the size of 750cc tissue expander and you have a large frame, 750cc or slightly larger implants should be okay with you.

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Volume of final implants in reconstruction

Your question is a difficult one to answer without a physicial exam of your chest wall width and overall chest anatomy.  It is not uncommon to use larger volume implants to get you a body proportionate look.  Don't get caught up with cup size and cup size is not standardized and varies by designers.   Your reconstructive plastic surgeon will do his/her best to get you the size you are seeking if anatomically possible and safe.  

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Breast Implant Size After Double Mastectomy

750 cc is not to large for someone with a large frame.  The implant size can be approximated based upon how much fluid is in your expanders.

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Breast Impant Size for Post Mastectomy Reconstruction

Many patient, be it reconstructive or augmentation, get hung up on the actual volume of the breast implant and its relationship to cup size.  The fact of the matter is that breast size should be proportionate to the rest of your body.  For example, a patient that is 5'0" and weighs 105lbs would look absurd if 750cc implants were placed for either breast reconstruction or in augmentation.  Conversely, a patient that is 5'8" and weights 200lbs might look just fine with implants that size.

In breast reconstruction the vast majority of surgeons use tissue expanders with or without acellular dermal grafts (Alloderm) or a tissue flap (latissimus).  This allows us to expand the breast to the desired size.  When the patient feels that the breast is large enough the expander is then usually filled an additional 10% or so.  During the next stage of surgery the expander is replaced with a permanent implant and minor adjustment to the breast are made.

Prior to this second stage of surgery the size of the breast is known so there shouldn't be any surprises after the surgery.  So again, don't get hung up on the cup size of the breast.  The breast should be proportionate to your body.

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What cup size will I actually be?"

Regarding: "Implant Size After Double Mastectomy
I had a double mastectomy a few months ago (after testing positive for the gene). I've had the expanders in since surgery and am getting ready for my final exchange in a few weeks. Is 750cc too large of an implant? What cup size will I actually be

A few comments.

In a staged breast reconstruction involving stretching the breast skin with expander balloons which are later replaced with breast implants, the expanders are chosen with a certain type and size of implant in mind. After all, the breast implant pocket generated by the sequential and progressive stretching of the breast skin is done in preparation for a certain size and type of implant.

A 750cc implant is a very large implant (the biggest being 800cc). You need to be aware that large implants stretch and thin the overlying skin and their implant folds are seen and felt through the skin. You should consider either an Alloderm or Strattice cover and hammock to hold the implant in place as well as cover its natural folds.

As to what cup size a 750cc implants would make YOU - it is hard to say since there are NO accepted standards in the bra industry and once C is not a C in another bra. Be sure to ask your surgeon if this is the implant for you.

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Depends upon expander size & expansion success


This question is best answered by your surgeon. He or she will examine how you have done with expansion and discuss your options with you prior to removal of your expanders and implant placement. Not all patients expand the same, so is a question requiring an examination and judgement.


Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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