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I Had a Bilateral Mastectomy and my Surgeon Suggests 550cc Expander Inflation

I Had a Bilateral Mastectomy and my Surgeon Suggests 550cc Expander Inflation so that my breasts arent too far apart. I am 5'2 and feel that... READ MORE

Reconstruction After Mastactomy with Full 500cc?

I had one breast removed and am going through the reconstruction process. My current size is a small B, appx 340 cc in volume in the good breast. I am... READ MORE

Why Would Implants After Skin Sparing Mastectomy Be Smaller Than The Surgeon Said They'd Be?

I had a skin sparing mastectomy due to the BRCA 2 gene. I am about 5'1" tall and about 125lbs. My expanders were filled to 500cc and they... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Silicone Gel Implant Rippling? Will Saline Be a Better Option?

I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and was in tissue expanders for 5mths. I had an xchange surgery for Natrelle HP 500cc silicone implants. I am 2... READ MORE

Please Help! What surgical strategies will get rid of these Mastectomy Scars? (photos)

My TEs are fully expanded to 500ml and I will have my switchover surgery to silicone round implants in a couple of months. Is there anything my PS can... READ MORE

I had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction feb 5 2014 and still in pain. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with alloderm and tissue expanders placed under the muscle and was filled to 500cc per breast during... READ MORE

I Had Expander Put in Sept 10th Today I Had my Fith Fill. I Am at 500 Ccs. How Many More Fills?

I know you have to overfill to achieve a larger implant. Today we added 75 ccs and I am always uncomfortable a few days after each fill. Surgery they... READ MORE

What size breast implant will give me a small D cup after a double mastectomy?

I had delayed Breast Reconstruction surgery 7 weeks ago. I'm 5 foot 7 and 145 pounds. So far I have 500 cc's in my TE's. I would like to get to a... READ MORE

I am undergoing a nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy in 11 days. Are tissue expanders a must?

I have been diagnosed with DCIS and am undergoing a nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy in 11 days. I have been told I can go directly to silicone... READ MORE

Afraid of Being too Small? 530cc Filled Expanders.

I had a pbm in Feb and I currently have 530 cc filled expanders . I have decided to go with the 410 anatomic implants . They will be 580ccs . My... READ MORE

My PS wants to use implants that are MUCH wider than my current TEs and BWD.

My current TEs are 13.3w 14.3h 4.7 project and 500ccs. I am 5'6 130 with a 31 inch rib cage. My PS has me filled to approx 650. I feel like they are... READ MORE

Bilateral W TE,chem, Radiaition. Was 40C Now Want B's but PS Want to Use 500cc for Implant. Why?

Why would she want to use 500cc when they look and feel so big to me. I am 60 years old and don't need to look perky. I am not sure I even want to... READ MORE

Not happy with breast size after mastectomy: Are there other options? (Photo)

Last year I had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery 250cc about two weeks after surgery was told the incision was tearing and the saline had to be... READ MORE

Are my expanders too big or too small to achieve the look I want? (photos)

Am now at 520cc ,expanders look horrible. I was small chested before and hoped for a neat look. The expanders are positioned wrong and have been told... READ MORE

Is 500cc too big? I'm 5'4.5", 115 lbs, and have no breast tissue (double mastectomy). Also have wide hips and big butt.

The pockets already exist since I had the reconstruction 18 mos ago. My cs put in 355cc textured teardrop Mentor mod plus+ profile silicone implants.... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve greater expansion of breasts w/ thin skin by filling more slowly over a longer period of time? (photo)

I had M and recon. with expanders / alloderm 6 weeks ago. Radiation to R starting in 3 weeks. Happy with expanders, no pain but Im very disappointed... READ MORE

Several questions about B reconstruction with Allergan 133 MX 500cc expanders. Please, see them below.

42, diagnosed with BBC at the same time. I had DMX (modified radical mastectomy),chemo.NO RADIATION. I've got Allergan 133MX 500cc expanders in.I've... READ MORE

Is it too late to have my breast reconstruction corrected?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders. They expanded me to 525cc. Before the swap over I liked this size and my expanders were high and... READ MORE

How big? Will 500 give me a full C? (Photo)

BRACA 1 + , nipple delay 7/6, double mast.,7/17 w spacers, exp to 550 2nd procedure 10/2 ( implants w fat transfer)how big ? 5'5 123 was 34B will a... READ MORE

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