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Capsular Contracture Due to Trauma? (photo)

I'm 9 month post surgery, it went ok, i was happy with result.3 month ago my husband pushed too much on inner side of my breast.My doctor examined me... READ MORE

After 7 Years my Implant is Now "Sloshing Around" Inside? (photo)

I posed a question the other day about trauma causing my breast to swell. I thought it was just a muscle strain. This morning when I got up the... READ MORE

Can trauma cause breast implants to rupture or cause capsular contracture?

I had under the muscle silicone breast implants 10mths ago. I was bathing my daughter and leaning on my chest on the side of the tub when I heard a... READ MORE

Can an accident that may have caused internal trauma cause capsular contracture? (Photo)

At about 6-8 months Post I had an accident on a quad. Nothing I didn't get up and hop back on but I got thrown into a tree on my right side. My side... READ MORE

Trauma after breast augmentation

What sort of trauma would cause hematoma 3 weeks post op.? Someone ran into me from the back as they ran to catch a train. My left breast swelled up a... READ MORE

Infection after 1 year? Could this be inflammation or trauma? (Photo)

Hello my question is May I have an infection? I had a breast augmentation 1 year ago silicone implants over the muscle. Now after 2 weeks I suddenly... READ MORE

Is It Likely That Trauma Caused My Capsulation?

BA ~ 3 years ago and have had no problems at all with them until 6 months ago I had blunt force trauma incident across my chest. I thought I had... READ MORE

Can trauma to my breast make it go back to how it was when I barely got them? (Photo)

I had spitting stitches and an open wound that would not stop bleeding so my surgeon drained my breast two weeks ago. He massaged it very hard to get... READ MORE

Trauma to silicone breast implant while playing with a friend's dog. Could it be ruptured?

A friend's dog and I were playing last night and he was wagging his tail vigourously and slapped my left breast really hard against it, very much like... READ MORE

Could trauma of accident and the seatbelt placement across right breast have caused contracture? Have you heard of this?

My auto accident 10/29/2013. I 'm stopped a car rear ends me 40 MPH. The seatbelt severely tightened on RT breast. silicon implants 4 years old. no... READ MORE

Areola Incision trauma...will I be alright?

I am 9 days post op. I ha. 450 and 425 cc smooth round HP silicone placed under the muscle with a periareolar incision and an areolar reduction. My... READ MORE

"Rapid Recovery" breast augmentation: is this an ideal method for less trauma and shorter recovery?

I have been hearing many woman remark that their surgeons used this "rapid recovery" or "flash recovery" and that they had great outcomes with less... READ MORE

Can trauma cause a deformed breast implant? (Photos)

I had implants 2 1/2 years ago. On August 3, I was involved in a serious auto accident totalling my vehicle. After 2 days in the hospital, I noticed... READ MORE

Can I fix a lateral breast implant due to recent trauma without surgery?

I am 10 weeks post op I got 380cc saline under the muscle through the crease incision. I went hunting with my husband and had my rifle sling running... READ MORE

Intense trama car accident 3 years ago. Silent rupture possible?

I was in a head on colision 3 yrs ago. I was driving..impact children and i was all cut out criticle condion. I was brused mangled in wheel.... READ MORE

Undetected rupture of gel implant after blunt trauma to chest. Any suggestions?

I had a Cattle stock trailor door get kicked into my chest by a cow. It was about two weeks after the accident before I had a yellow bruise appear. I... READ MORE

Can I develop an infection in my breast (implant) due to trauma?

I developed an infection in one of my breasts a year post op and now i'm paranoid. Two days ago, my boyfriend squeezed one of my breasts extremely... READ MORE

My implant popped out of place after a frontal fall. Did I tear the muscle?

I fell at work a week ago full frontal fall hitting the concrete floor, damaging my face, breaking two front teeth bruising my left knee my right palm... READ MORE

What nonsurgical treatment could be administered to a patient that had serious trauma as result of slip and fall? (Photo)

Sailine augmentation 4/11/16. Slip and fall then ER visit on 5/17/16. Visit to Surgeon 5/19/16. He barely examined me before telling me I was ok. He... READ MORE

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