Fluid + Breast Implants

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I Can Hear Alot of Fluid Around my Breast Implant - Is That Normal?

It's been about 7 days since my left breast implant(silicon) has been replaced. It was taken out due to a breast abcess about 5 months ago. I can... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants for 8 Years, Now Sore, Swollen and Fluid Around Implant

I have had my silicone breast implants for 8 years already. A week ago I started to feel my left breats very sore and now is swolen. I had an... READ MORE

I Had Silicon Breast Implants 3 Years Ago, Liquid Found Around Left Breast Implant. Freaking Out?

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago; 2 days after the surgery fluid build around left breast and it was immediately drained. Left breast always... READ MORE

Seratoma Fluid Coming Out When I Massage Left Breast, 3 Months Post-Op Breast Implants, What Should I do?


Seroma Management? (photo)

I am 9 days po and went to see my ps about a strange feeling at the bottom of my left breast. It felt puffy and when I massaged it made fluid sounding... READ MORE

After 7 Years my Implant is Now "Sloshing Around" Inside? (photo)

I posed a question the other day about trauma causing my breast to swell. I thought it was just a muscle strain. This morning when I got up the... READ MORE

Leakage on Scars 3 Weeks After Surgery, is This Normal?

I had surgery just over 3weeks ago over in Turkey, on return home I felt the right breast was swollen and was advised of possible collection of fluid... READ MORE

Orange Fluid Leaking from Breast Implant?

My implants were done 5 yrs ago i have had capsulted right breast for about 1 year. the doctors now think i may have a seroma i also have orange... READ MORE

Strange Sensations 6 Years After Breast Implants, What's Causing the Feeling of Fluid and Pressure?

6 years ago I had saline breast implants over the muscle put in, in the past year I have felt what seems like fluid and air underneath my left imlant.... READ MORE

Clear Discharge from Breast with Capsular Contracture?

Hello, I have already posted a question about my Capsular Contracture and I know it needs to be removed, which I plan to do shortly. However, while I... READ MORE

I am over a month post op. Do I have a double bubble? (photo)

I am over a month post op and I'm becoming concerned that this is a double bubble or other ccompletion. The doctor says I still have fluid on the left... READ MORE

Can Some of the Fluid Be Removed from Tissue Expanders?

I recently had tissue expanders put in on both breasts due to breast cancer diagnosis. I feel that they have been filled beyond the size that I would... READ MORE

Is feeling fluid underneath nipples one month after breast augmentation normal? (Photos)

I had my breast augmentation a little over a month ago (12/18/13) and have noticed underneath my nipples it feels as if there is fluid and nipples are... READ MORE

Why's There a Sloshing Feeling/sound in my Breasts After Traveling to High Altitudes?

I got silicone implants about 5 years ago and have since been traveling to Tahoe (high elevation) over the past year. The first time I went I noticed... READ MORE

I Have Soreness and Yellow Clear Fluid Coming from my Left Breast?

I have had silicone implants for about 7 years with capsules in both breast the past week 1/2 I have yellow clear fluid coming from my left breast and... READ MORE

Will Breasts Even out or Will I Need a Revision After Breast Implants?

B4 the procedure my left breast was slightly bigger and lower. I have 475 in the left and 500 in the right. I noticed about a week ago that the left... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know Anything About ALCL?

My dr is leaning to this waiting for pathology report. Had my implants for eight years not a problem now I had 160cc of fluid removed and two weeks... READ MORE

Seroma or Normal Fluid Under the Nipple 3 Weeks Post Op?

Hi! I am 3 weeks post-op (breast augmentation, submuscular) and noticed a few days ago that my nipples (one more than the other) seem squishy and like... READ MORE

Popping and Gurgling Noise 7 Weeks Post Op?

I had silicone breast implants about 7 weeks ago. When lying on my back or left side, my left breast makes a popping, sloshing type of noise. I did... READ MORE

MRI After PIP Implants; Show Fluid Buildup?

I Have PIP Implants, I Have Had an MRI Which Shows Fluid in the Peri Implant Space, is This Bad? READ MORE

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