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I Can Hear Alot of Fluid Around my Breast Implant - Is That Normal?

It's been about 7 days since my left breast implant(silicon) has been replaced. It was taken out due to a breast abcess about 5 months ago. I can... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants for 8 Years, Now Sore, Swollen and Fluid Around Implant

I have had my silicone breast implants for 8 years already. A week ago I started to feel my left breats very sore and now is swolen. I had an... READ MORE

I Had Silicon Breast Implants 3 Years Ago, Liquid Found Around Left Breast Implant. Freaking Out?

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago; 2 days after the surgery fluid build around left breast and it was immediately drained. Left breast always... READ MORE

Seroma Management? (photo)

I am 9 days po and went to see my ps about a strange feeling at the bottom of my left breast. It felt puffy and when I massaged it made fluid sounding... READ MORE

Leakage on Scars 3 Weeks After Surgery, is This Normal?

I had surgery just over 3weeks ago over in Turkey, on return home I felt the right breast was swollen and was advised of possible collection of fluid... READ MORE

Seratoma Fluid Coming Out When I Massage Left Breast, 3 Months Post-Op Breast Implants, What Should I do?


After 7 Years my Implant is Now "Sloshing Around" Inside? (photo)

I posed a question the other day about trauma causing my breast to swell. I thought it was just a muscle strain. This morning when I got up the... READ MORE

Orange Fluid Leaking from Breast Implant?

My implants were done 5 yrs ago i have had capsulted right breast for about 1 year. the doctors now think i may have a seroma i also have orange... READ MORE

Strange Sensations 6 Years After Breast Implants, What's Causing the Feeling of Fluid and Pressure?

6 years ago I had saline breast implants over the muscle put in, in the past year I have felt what seems like fluid and air underneath my left imlant.... READ MORE

Clear Discharge from Breast with Capsular Contracture?

Hello, I have already posted a question about my Capsular Contracture and I know it needs to be removed, which I plan to do shortly. However, while I... READ MORE

I am over a month post op. Do I have a double bubble? (photo)

I am over a month post op and I'm becoming concerned that this is a double bubble or other ccompletion. The doctor says I still have fluid on the left... READ MORE

Why's There a Sloshing Feeling/sound in my Breasts After Traveling to High Altitudes?

I got silicone implants about 5 years ago and have since been traveling to Tahoe (high elevation) over the past year. The first time I went I noticed... READ MORE

Is feeling fluid underneath nipples one month after breast augmentation normal? (Photos)

I had my breast augmentation a little over a month ago (12/18/13) and have noticed underneath my nipples it feels as if there is fluid and nipples are... READ MORE

Can Some of the Fluid Be Removed from Tissue Expanders?

I recently had tissue expanders put in on both breasts due to breast cancer diagnosis. I feel that they have been filled beyond the size that I would... READ MORE

I Have Soreness and Yellow Clear Fluid Coming from my Left Breast?

I have had silicone implants for about 7 years with capsules in both breast the past week 1/2 I have yellow clear fluid coming from my left breast and... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know Anything About ALCL?

My dr is leaning to this waiting for pathology report. Had my implants for eight years not a problem now I had 160cc of fluid removed and two weeks... READ MORE

Popping and Gurgling Noise 7 Weeks Post Op?

I had silicone breast implants about 7 weeks ago. When lying on my back or left side, my left breast makes a popping, sloshing type of noise. I did... READ MORE

What can I do to prevent further complications after BA seroma? Sports Bra/Sleep on back only/No physical exertion? (Photo)

I am 4 wks p/o and have just had 40cc's of fluid drained from a seroma under my right breast (I'm right handed) I have Furry Brazilians/Dual... READ MORE

Will Breasts Even out or Will I Need a Revision After Breast Implants?

B4 the procedure my left breast was slightly bigger and lower. I have 475 in the left and 500 in the right. I noticed about a week ago that the left... READ MORE

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