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What is Wrong with my Implants?

I got silicone 500cc implant 11 months ago, through the areola, under the muscle (because I was told that was the best way to go) so more and more... READ MORE

Anyone experience anything like this?

When I flex my muscles my breasts take on completely different shapes.  My scar tissue has attached to the muscle so my nipples have an indention... READ MORE

Is This Muscle Flexion Disorder or Dimpling from Breast Lump? (photo)

Hi I have had my silicon implants for 5 years (below muscle) I just noticed last night when I flex my pecs there is a dimpling from outside areola and... READ MORE

Extensive Implant Distortion, Can It Be Fixed? (Photos)

7 months post op. dual plane (muscle splitting technique) bilateral breast augm. with 300cc cohesive silicone, periareolar insicion. Experiencing... READ MORE

Normal for Subglandular Implants to Distort when Flexing?

I got 200cc Silicone gel Breast Implants 8 days ago, placed above the muscle. They look very natural when I'm relaxed, but when I flex my pecs (even... READ MORE

What Are the Non-surgical Options for Breast Flexion Animation Deformity? (photo)

I got surgery about two months ago. I went from a 32b to a 32dd with a 400 Silicone implant. I just noticed when i flex my pec I get a line across my... READ MORE

Can Flexing of Breast Muscles Be Stopped?

I had a breast augmentation with saline implants 16 years ago. I noticed right away that when I did certain moves with my arms, my chest muscles could... READ MORE

Breast Implants Rise Up when I Contract Pecs. When I Relax They Slide Back Down?

Im 5'3" and wear a C/D cup. Everything looks natural until I go to gym and lift ANY weight or pull myself up out of the pool- then I notice both... READ MORE

Is flex deformity, and gap exposing my sternum/ribs normal? I'm not believing it is. It's painful and needs to be fixed (Photo)

I am 8wks post augmentation today. I am a fitness instructor. I noticed days after BA that my right breast flexed very easily, and in an odd manner.... READ MORE

Is my dent after breast after implants muscle related and will it go away?

I had breast augmentation. 450cc on right and 425 on left. Silicone. On my left breast I have an indentation. And my breast isn't round from the side... READ MORE

I Am 3 Months Post-op from Aureolar Breast Implants and my Right Breast is Showing Weird Behavior when I Flex my Muscle? (photo)

The nipple is pulled in and up and creates a cavity under it. The Doctor says it's because the suture hasn't been absorbed and hasn't released. Is it... READ MORE

I hate how my breasts feel and look when I flex, is this normal? (Photo)

Whenever my peck muscles contract, my implants move up maybe 2 fingers from my clavicle and closer to my arm pit. It doesn't hurt but it's a very... READ MORE

My breast implants seem to be in too big of s pocket and push to sideboob when I flex my pecs. What can I do about this? (Photo)

I had sub-muscular silicone implants just over 2 years ago and the implant seems to have fallen lower than the incision, which puts my scar in the... READ MORE

Why does one implant move with muscle flexing?

I have 750 cc mod plus silicone under muscle implants. The implant that I can see and feel moving is not on my dominant side. It's not a major... READ MORE

When I flex my pectoral muscle, there's a lot of loose breast tissue in the lower part of my breast. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

When I flex pectoral muscle there is loose breast tissue that remains below that I can pinch (shown in photo). I am planning on getting larger... READ MORE

Help! Strange movement of implant when flexing. Any suggestions? (photos)

Please help - I have augumenation 8 weeks ago and have been really happy so far, but I am a massage therapist by trade and have been feeling my... READ MORE

2 weeks post. Is it normal to feel muscle flexing & squeezing implant? Such as when arm movement occurs or bending over? (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op. I have one implant that is riding high. More fullness up top. I know it's still early and hopefully will drop. But i was having... READ MORE

What is wrong with my right breast? (Photo)

Jan20 I had 300Cc saline unders put in. final fill is 400cc. right breast doesn't feel attached to me at all. feels as though my implant is sitting... READ MORE

How can this flex be fixed? (Photo)

What is the best way to fix these flexing implants. They are under muscle, sagging and rippling. READ MORE

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