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Dealing with Slow Leakage. Where Do I start? (photo)

I am 67 and had my implants for 32 years. Now I have a very slow leakage which has recently increased and have lose about 1/3 of the implant in one... READ MORE

Silicone implants from the 1980's?

My breast augmentation for appearance only was back in the 1980's. They were silicone back then. What possible health hazards am I faced with? They... READ MORE

Breast Implants over 26 Yrs Old. I Am 71 and They Now Bother Me, What to Do?

71 years old, had breast implants @ 34 yrs old. Now they are bothering me. See on x-ray the leakage. I can no longer sleep on stomach. They hurt and... READ MORE

Have Small Light Pink Rash On Right Breast?

I have had silicone breast implants 34 years now. never a problem. now they are still soft and natural but i can feel on right breast when i fles some... READ MORE

30 Year Old Breast Implants Leaking What Are the Dangers?

30 Year Old Breast Implants Leaking What Are the Dangers? READ MORE

Should my breast implants be removed because they are 32 yrs old and my skin is so thin they might break through the skin?

I am 68 and have 32 year old silicone implants. A recent mammo revealed free silicone in both breasts. I have had no symptoms or changes. A plastic... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Around Silicone Granulomas is Growing, Could This Be Cancer?

I have had silicone granulomas above my right breast since 1984, in the last 6 months they have grown larger. I saw a plastic surgeon in Oct about... READ MORE

I have had breast implants since 1978. I'm 66 years old, A recent ultrasound found free silicone. Mine are saline/silicone?

I do not have photos; however, I do feel a lump on top of the right breast. Ultrasound said no tumor or cyst. Could be a rupture or a tear in implant.... READ MORE

How do I know if I have silicone or saline breast implants? I had them inserted in 1983

My ultrasound showed that one implant has been leaking for quite some time and the other implant is now leaking also and I have a lump (in which the... READ MORE

What are the health risks of not removing ruptured 28 yr old siilcone implants?

I have 28 yr old implants and am 62 yrs old. Do they have to come out. Ultrasound shows intracapsular rupture. READ MORE

What are the issues to be concerned about when old breast implants "leak" into the shell but do not rupture?

Follow up of MRI indicates a leak but not a rupture. My PC MD thinks we should just keep a watch on it. What happens when they rupture and what can... READ MORE

Dr. Thomas Cronin implanted silicone in 1978. Now have symptoms of Raynaud's Disease.

Prob began rupture by 1986--did nothing . Nov. 2014 (35 yr. later) had implant and implant material removed by Dr. Ernest Cronin. It had really spread... READ MORE

If I think my breast implants may possibly be leaking, do I see a doctor now, or can I wait?

Both of my breasts are very sore! I am 61 years old and had breast implants approximately 30 years ago. Yes, they are the original silicone bags. I... READ MORE

Can Saline Implants That Have Been in Almost 30 Years Cause Infection or Other Problems?

Can saline implants that have been in almost 30 years cause infection or other problems? I didn't have an abrupt rupture that deflated them suddenly,... READ MORE

Pain From Saline Implant 30 Years Ago?

Saline Implants 30y/0 Ago. Pain,upper Chest Wall,radiating to Armpit and Upper Back. Im worried about infection,so i saw Dr. today and was given... READ MORE

'75 Breast Implant Injury With Pain and Possible Displacement

I had a saline implant on top of muscle in '75. I didn't know for 10 years that it wasn't supposed to be hard. Never had it replaced. 2 weeks ago it... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants in 1988, and There is Some Lumpiness That Comes and Goes Around the Left One?

My breast is not deformed in any way, and there is no pain. Is this dangerous? READ MORE

I Have a Lg Red Swollen Spot on Left Breast, Could it be My 27 Year Old Silicone Implants?

I have a lg red swollen spot on left breast, it is very tender and hot and has a shooting pain into my nipple. Went to medical office to get it check... READ MORE

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