25 Years Post-op + Breast Implants

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Do Silicone Breast Implants Have a Certain Life at Which Time They Should Be Changed out for New Ones?

I have had mine in for 25 years and am not experiencing any problems. Are new silicone implants better? Do they get old and need periodic replacing? I... READ MORE

Can I get sick from saline implant rupture? They are 24 y/o. How long can I go before getting them removed without complication?

My breast implants are 24 years old. I know they are saline but that is all I can remember about the procedure. My left breast has deflated or... READ MORE

Breast Getting Hard, What Could It Be?

My right breast has started getting hard, in the past few months.. Had them done in 1987 and no issues until now.. They also itch like crazy?? Any... READ MORE

Is there a non-surgical treatment for capsular contracture? (photo)

Uninsured, 64 year-old woman, with 25 year old silicone implants. Experiencing contracture in right breast. Moderate pain/discomfort. Would prefer... READ MORE

Pain Under One Silcone Breast Implant After 25 Years, Should I Have a MRI?

Hi, I have had my Silcone Breast implants for 25 years and they have been perfect with no problems. Recently, I have a dull ache under my right... READ MORE

I am 63 years old and have had my implants 24 years, since 1991. Mammograms are painful now and I fear rupture? I want a MRI?

I am 63, have had implants 24 years, since 1991. I moved so I have not had exams with my PS, but yearly mammograms until 2013. I am happy with my... READ MORE

Implant Replacement Recommended After Mammogram. Can't Afford it; Am I Safe?

I've had implants for more than 25years. I was told by a radiologist during mammogram that they should be replaced after 10years. Now on a fixed... READ MORE

Why would capsular contracture suddenly appear after 24 years?

I have had silicone breast implants for 24 years and have always loved them and have never had a problem with them. Now, 24 years later, the left... READ MORE

What if I don't have explantation for capsular contracture? (Photo)

I have 25 year old silicone implants, in front of muscle. No problems at all until two and a half years ago, when I got an infection (don't know how... READ MORE

Big or Small Boobs? Had Implants For 26 Years, Are Leaking and Need Replacement?

I have had implants for 26 years, i never had large implants, just implants to look natural as i never developed as a teenager But have been told that... READ MORE

My breast implants are 26 years old. One side has ruptured. What do I do about mammograms? Insurance will not cover to remove.

My breat implants are 26 years old. Circustances have changed financially since I got them. I had a mammogram several years ago and the left breast is... READ MORE

I Have a Rupture in One of my Saline Implants.....HOW to I Make a MINIMUM Ne: Invisible Scar Having Them Replaced? Help?

I got my saline implants in 1986... one has ruptured. Implants are behind the chest muscle. Fluid displacement was sudden.. three days?... a 'bump' of... READ MORE

Capsular contracture occurring in 25 year old implants? (Photo)

In 1988 had BA, sub-glandular, silicone (MEM type) implants. No problems until 2013. Sudden redness (possible duct infection?) and pain, followed by... READ MORE

I live in Canada and had my saline implants done in 1992. When I lie down or wear a bikini, my breasts look old and wrinkled

My plastic surgeon has not answered any of my emails and I have no hospital documentation of the procedure. I am a single mom and am worried that this... READ MORE

What could silicone, circa 1991, do to the body if leaked from an implant?

I know one has leaked. It's went down in size and noticeable. One feels nice, and firm., the other hangs lower, and feels "squishy", I guess you could... READ MORE

Can you drain a saline implant after it's been in for 25 years? (Photo)

Left implant vanished years ago. Right implant, salene, still in but hurts after exersize & stretching for about a week READ MORE

My implants are very hard and high but my actual breast is droopy. Any suggestions?

My implants are 25 years old they are hard and right under my collarbone. But the breast is droopy READ MORE

What is the small rash on the side of my breast? I've had silicon implants for 25 years and I never have any problems

( they got a bit harder but very mild didn't change the shape)but for the last 6 months I notice a small rash on my right side breast, doesn't hurt or... READ MORE

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