Tuberous + Breast Implant Removal

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Can Tuberous Breasts Look Normal After Explant? (photo)

I got my implants almost 13 years ago. (350cc under muscle) My breasts were tuberous and small, 34A. I have come to realize that the shape bothered me... READ MORE

Removal of Implants After Tuberous Breast Correction

I got implants (2007) to help release constricted tissue but am not happy with the overall look. Is it possible now to have normal breasts with out... READ MORE

Appearance of Tuberous Breasts After Implant Removal?

Hello- I am 28 yrs old and four years ago I received breast implants to correct a mild/moderate tuberous breast deformity. My implants were... READ MORE

Explanted 3 Weeks Ago Will The Tuberous Look Improve?

Concerned with aesthetic outcome. Had 300cc round saline implants. Incisions look croocked and flatness all around looks ackward especially at... READ MORE

Will Tuberous Breasts take a more natural, round shape after Implant Removal if the necessary steps are taken?

I had a moderate form of tuberous breasts, areola's were herniated as well. A few years ago, I decided to have implants put in. Prior to augmentation,... READ MORE

Can I remove my breast implants with a lift while having severe tuberous breasts before? (photos)

I was 15 years old when I had my augmentation done. I was a small A cup. I got a small C cup after surgery (which was what I wanted). I want them... READ MORE

My left breast implant sits higher because it's tuberous. Remove the implants, and get a fat graft into my left breast? (Photo)

I hate my implants, they make me feel matronly. I never wanted large breasts, I just wanted my tuberous breast corrected. Should I remove the... READ MORE

Had BA 4 weeks ok and considering explant as not happy. Will my breasts return to their former shape?

32 yrs old 105lbs 5ft2. I had my BA 4 weeks ago, silicone under the muscle. Had very little breast before 32a and had 295cc implants. Want to get them... READ MORE

What will my breasts look like after removal? (photos)

7 years ago, I underwent a breast augmentation to correct my tuberous breasts (age 18). Since a few weeks, I have a pain in both of my breasts and I... READ MORE

I had asymmetrical breast prior to implants and now considering breast implant removal. What should I expect ?

I have saline implants placed 6 years ago. I had tuberous breast & assymetry. I wanted to have fuller breast with symmetry. In my right breast there's... READ MORE

Have tuberous breasts & got mastopexy & breast augmentation. If I get the implants removed - how will my breasts look? (Photos)

I had tubular breasts. In 2007, I had a breast augmentation with silicone under the muscle and a mastopexy. However, nearly 10 years later, +30 pounds... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous or constricted breasts? I was told NOT tuberous, but yes constricted. Thoughts? (photos)

I got implants in 2011. I never knew my natural breasts were "deformed" until my surgeon told me my breasts were constricted. Now I wonder if they... READ MORE

What will my tuberous breast look like post-explanted? (photos)

3 years ago I had implants for my tuberous breast deformity with some scoring of the lower pole. They looked great at first. Then they 'dropped'. I... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to implant removal and lift without complete volume depletion?

I had tuberous breasts(all areola and almost no breast tissue) Dec. 2005, i had a subglandular breast implant augmentation. I had a capsular... READ MORE

Implant explantation without replacement - lift at the same time? Also capsule to be left in or remove?

I am considering explantation without replacement of implants as I am worried about ALCL and any silicone bleed. I guess I would need a lift as my... READ MORE

Breast implant removal from tuberous breasts after 3 months

I'm 21 years old and I'm only 3 months post op from getting a bilateral tuberous breast reconstruction, went from a size A (both tuberous) to a C cup.... READ MORE

What's the best way to correct tubular breast? It would be necessary to remove my actual prostheses?

Hi! Sorry for my english. I'm 21 yrs old, 8 months post op. I'm not happy with my result. I have tuberous breast.My doctor told me it would be... READ MORE

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