Age 75 And Up + Breast Implant Removal

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Removal of 40yr Old Ruptured Silicone Imp for 80 Year Old-nobreast Tissue Left from Fibroc

I had most of breast tissue removed in 1970 from fibrocystic breast disease -at that time everything was yanked -had silicone implants - over time... READ MORE

My 77 Year Old Mother Has Leaking Implants..should They Be Removed?

My 77 Year Old Mother Has Leaking Implants..should They Be Removed? READ MORE

Silicone Implant Removal for 88 Year Old?

My mother is 88, in good health except for a late diagnosis type 1 Diabetes and 2 small breast tumors in the last 3 years that are being treated with... READ MORE

Should I have a capsulectomy and removal of my gel implants of 25 years if the are ruptured and leaking? (Photo)

I am 75 years young, but do not want a replacement or uplift. Will my breasts look terrible without nothing done? READ MORE

My doctor has done very few explants. Should I worry about this?

I am 73 years old and my implants are 40 years old. My doctor is a very good surgeon but has done(in his own words very few explants. Should I worry... READ MORE

Isn't surgery to remove implants on a 78yr old with dementia, previous stroke from brain aneurysm with pacemaker too high risk?

The implant has been leaking for 10 yrs now, but because of the scare tissue it has stayed contained in the breast. There has been no medical problems... READ MORE

How long can saline implants remain behind pectorals?

How long can saline implants remain behind pectorals? What will be condition of the pectoral muscles? Flacid? Functional? Will the occasional pain... READ MORE

What would happen if I did not remove a 43 year old ruptured silicone implant?

I am a 76 year old single woman and have been told that I would require an en bloc capsulectomy...(implant was placed on top of muscle)I am concerned... READ MORE

Would removal of breast implants after 40 yrs. constitute a medical condition/requirement or plastic surgery?

As stated above, I have silicone implants which are encapsulated (?) and I have had two lumpectomies and radiation in 2009 due to DCIS. Would my... READ MORE

What surgeon revises breast implants with tissue transfer from personal fat that would be removed during liposuction?

I am a 75 year old woman in good health, 5' 4" tall @ 164 lbs. Had silicone breast implants 10 years ago and wonder about the feasibility of having... READ MORE

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