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Breast Augmentation Bottoming out or Double Bubble Effect?

I am four months post op from breast augmentation. I am able to feel the entire bottom of breast implant at the crease of my breasts. I am scared that... READ MORE

I Believe I Have a Double Bubble 3 Weeks Post-Op Breast Implants, How Can I Tell for Sure? (photo)

My breasts are only 3 weeks old but one of my breasts seriously doesn't look right and my surgeon is dismissing my concerns as theyre so new. I... READ MORE

Will my Natural Breast Blend with my Implant over Time? (photo)

My doctor didn't say anything about it, but I'm assuming he lowered my fold. I am 6 weeks post op and I have just noticed that there is a... READ MORE

I am noticing the formation of a double bubble. Am I Starting to Bottom Out? (photos)

I think I may be bottoming out. I am noticing the formation of a double bubble. What is your opinion and how soon can I have a revision? I had my... READ MORE

I had my surgery on June 24, 2011. What Are my Options to Correct Double Bubble?

I had my surgery on June 24, 2011. I was a 34A and got 520cc silicone implants. However, at the 3 month mark I started to notice something was off.... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Double Bubble? (photo)

I had a dounut lift/augmentation in Jul09 and within two weeks I noticed both breasts had dents under them. My doctor did a revision two mths later... READ MORE

I have Double Bubble 1 Week Post-Op Breast Augmentation, What can I do? (photo)?

I did an augmentation breast surgery few days ago ( in 17 november, 2011). Five days after, I noted a ripple above to the inframmary fold incision... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help Double Bubble 5 Weeks Out? (photo)

I am 5 wks postop from augmentation.About 3 weeks postop I have developed a double bubble.You can see my breast mound on top of my implant which... READ MORE

Double Bubble - Can I Do Anything to Help Minimize or Get Rid of It Completely?

I had my surgery a week ago Monday and ended up with a bad case of the dreaded double bubble on both breasts. It looks like my implants have... READ MORE

Double Bubble Correction 3 Months Post Op too Soon? (Photo)

I had a breast augumentation (Natrelle 360CC moderate teardrop implants)3 months ago. Surgeon lowered the breast fold,implants are under muscle... READ MORE

Oddly Shaped Breasts with Dubble Bubble After Augmentation, What Should I Have Done? (photo)

About 1 year ago (I'm 21) I underwent a "donut" breast lift and had 400c saline implants placed under the muscle. The issue is, I am not... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - What Went Wrong?

Hi everyone, i had a breast augmentation 5 months ago but very unhappy with the result... i was an empty 32b (uk, not sure if it the same) had 340g... READ MORE

Should I Wait for These Double Bubble Effect to Correct Itself? (photo)

I had a breast implant 8 days ago. The double bubble appeared on the following day after the surgery. I have talked to my doctor about my concerns and... READ MORE

How to Fix What Looks Like a Double Bubble? (photo)

I had BA 6 weeks ago. I have 425cc saline HP implants subpectoral (Dual Plane). As each week passes it gets worse. I noticed after the first week that... READ MORE

If I Have Naturally High Nipples How Do I Avoid Potential Double Bubble?

I have been for consults for 4 board certified surgeons (2 in New York, 2 in Australia when I went back to visit family) and have received conflicting... READ MORE

What Is The Best Option for my Small 36AA Tuberous Breasts-Implants or Fat Grafting/transfer? (photo)

I have extremely small tuberous breasts and have been wanting to get implants for years but i heard i might get a double bubble. I live in el paso, tx... READ MORE

Bottoming Out/double Bubble? What Would You Do? (photo)

Had Bilat.Breast Aug. w/ smooth round silicone Natrelle 20-400cc implants, w/ bilat. crescent lift. Now 7 mo. post op ,noticed bottoming out bilat.... READ MORE

2-months Post-Op BA; Double Bubble Forming? (photo)

I have full confidence in my surgeon from his being one of the top rated in my home state, & have already made an appointment for next week. I... READ MORE

Lower pole constriction. Getting conflicting information. Would lowering fold be a disaster? (Photo)

I brought photos of befores that looked like mine with afters that looked great. He said, "wow they got lucky", and that I would have a double bubble.... READ MORE

Could the Pain in my Breast Be from the Implant Trying to Drop into the Pocket? (photo)

In Jan 2011 I had breast lift and implants.. After 4 moths I had the double bubble. Dr lowered the implant then the entire breast hardened. so I had... READ MORE

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