Smokers Lines + Botox

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When a Doctor Injects Botox Around Mouth for Smokers Lines, Are They Injecting into the Lips or the Muscles Around the Mouth?

I had this done once and was extremely pleased with results, then the second time(last week) had it done at the same place but by the NP instead of Dr... READ MORE

How Safe is Botox when Applied to the Upper Lip for Smoker's Lines?

Considering the fragility and the sensitivity of the skin area, is Botox a recommended option? READ MORE

Too Much Botox in Smokers Lines - No Movement, Cannot Speak Properly

I have smokers lines, which Im deeply unhappy about. Was recommended botox; $180 worth; and now only 1 day later my top lip is so numb I cannot speak... READ MORE

Botox Under Lips to Fix Smoker's Wrinkles Caused "Frog Face." Can This Be Fixed?

I had Botox above and below my lips, plus Juvaderm, to smooth out smokers wrinkles. Now my lower face, below my bottm lip, is sagging and I look like... READ MORE

Botox for Crow's Feet and Smoker's Lines?

I am 31 years old and sadly smoked for about 13 years. During the last year or two I have started to see more and more of the crow's feet and... READ MORE

Location of Botox Injection for Smokers Lines?

Exactly where in the lips or lip area is Botox injected for smokers lines? READ MORE

Can Botox Hurt the Smile?

  Can botox around the mouth cause sagging of the mouth/lips or a weaker smile? Would you recommend Botox for lip lines or something else? READ MORE

What is the best treatment for my smoker/barcode lines? The lines appeared this year (hello 50!). (photos)

I had Botox on "smoker lines" in June, 2015. It was the first time I ever had it done in this area. Of course this only provided a bit of " freezing "... READ MORE

Is Botox an option for smoker's lines above upper lip?

I was told by a Medical Aesthetician that it is not, however I am seeing women on YouTube being treated with very small amounts (2-10 units) for this... READ MORE

Does Botox improve smoker's lines and chin lines?

I am going to have Voluma in my cheeks on Monday and Botox on my forehead. Would Botox help smoker's line above lips and wrinkles on chin?? Can Voluma... READ MORE

I cannot smile after Botox to upper lip for smokers lines? (Photos)

I posted a few days ago about Botox above upper lip for smoker's lines and I thank you all for your reply. It is now 4 days now since 4 droplets of... READ MORE

Botox to upper lip area for smokers lines

I had botox to my upper lip two days ago to get rid of the smokers lines. My injector did not put a large amount, but already i'm noticing a... READ MORE

How many areas should be treated for the amount of problem areas I have? Botox. Possibly Restylane.

I have smokers lines, bunny lines, 11 on forehead and a crease shaped like a frown just under my nose. I also have dropped upper eyelids. I want to... READ MORE

Botox? Botox lip lift? Filler? Or all of the above? (Photo)

Hello. I was wondering if a Botox lip lift would help with the downward turn on the corners of my mouth. Also,the area around my mouth( especially the... READ MORE

I was the victim of a violent crime 2 years ago. I feel I've aged physically as well as mentally, really need advice. (Photo)

I tried Sculptua for naso-labial lines. Too expensive. I have tried Botox for laugh lines and it's worked great, as well as for my forehead A trial is... READ MORE

How long does Botox around the lips continue to kick in and can it wear off quicker than other areas as it is the mouth?

Hi. I had botox to my upper and lower lip for "smokers lines" 3 days ago and noticed the effects within 24 hours and am still noticing them now day 3.... READ MORE

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