Second Round + Botox

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Botox Wearing off Quickly?

I had botox a little over a month ago - and it is wearing off! Can I go back to my doctor for a touch-up? READ MORE

Droopy Eye After Botox

I had Botox done last week, which resulted to a droopy eye. I went to the second doctor who injected more Botox to fix it. However, it seemed like it... READ MORE

Botox for Square Jaw Reduction and Face Seems Distorted Now

Hi i had 40 units botox for square jaw reduction 3 weeks ago. This is the second time im doing it after 2 years. However, this time results are not... READ MORE

How Much Botox Would It Take to Dramatically Lift Brows?

Picture on the left are my current brows. picture on the right is how i would like my brows to look. doctor injected me with 25 IU'S of DYSPORT and it... READ MORE

Botox Only Lasted 6 Weeks

I got Botox injection 6wks ago-25units then a week later got 15 more in glabellar only. Botox seems to have 'worn off' & Dr suggests getting more.... READ MORE

No Difference After 2 Botox Injections in Frown Lines? (photo)

2 Quick question: I had never had Botox before. One month ago I went for Botox to get rid of my frown lines. After 2 weeks I saw virtually no... READ MORE

I Had Botox 7 Days Ago and Only Seeing Results on Right Side of my Face I'm So Worried?

I had botox for the second time 7days ago but only seeing results on the right side of my face so when I smile I look totally odd and lopsided.... I'm... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with my Second Time of Botox?

It's been 3 weeks since I received my second time of botox. My forhead does not look as good as the first time. Should I go back to see if my doctor... READ MORE

Doctor Rubbed Botox Area to Massage It In?

I recently got botox done for the second time. She injected my 11's and the muscle above my brow. It was much more painful then the first time and she... READ MORE

Botox on Crows Feet Didnt Work. Done Again but Didnt Work Again. Should I Allow the Dr. to Inject More?

Botox on Crows Feet Didnt Work.  Done Again but Didnt Work Again.  Should I Allow the Dr. to Put More in READ MORE

Masseter Botox Injection?

Hi. I'm 36 and just had second lot of botox to masseter. It did take me about 4-5 months after first treatment for the second lot, as I was busy. i... READ MORE

Reaction to Botox Delayed?

This is the second time for botox after a month I have a rash all over my body, my fingers are stiff, my feet are stiff. I am using Benadryl for the... READ MORE

Redness on Forehead a Few Weeks Later As a Result of Botox--am I Having an Allergic Reaction?

I had botox (in my "11 lines" and above center of brow) for the first time in March and again at the end of June. The first time I had no side... READ MORE

Botox Reinjection Above the Brows?

My first Botox injection showed results in 24 hours. I had 20 units injected by a different doctor 4 months later, and I told him exactly were my... READ MORE

Customized Botox?

I'm on my third day of my second ever Botox treatment and I still hate the results. I have fake Hollywood face again. Does anyone have advice on... READ MORE

Facial Pain After Two Treatments of Botox in Jaw? (photo)

I had 50 units of botox done in December 2012, 25 on each side. Results were good and no facial pain. I then had 50 more units of botox done in March... READ MORE

I Developed Hives a Few Days After Botox, Within 3 Weeks the Symptons Were Severe. Nothing else Has Changed, Can It Be Related?

I had my 2nd treatment of Botox between my brows on 12/13/12, within 2 days I started waking up with random spurts of hives on my hands, arms and... READ MORE

Botox: is Some Trial and Error Expected to Get the Look You Want, and Can It Build Up over Time?

I've gone to the same doctor for my Botox for the last 3 times (I go every 6 months). The first time I looked great (glabella). Second time, I had... READ MORE

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