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Would Botox Alone Help Jowls? (photo)

I am 47 and have never been overweight. But I have inherited my father's jowls and double chin. Unfortunately, I will never be able to afford a... READ MORE

How many Botox Units needed? (photo)

How many units of botox might need a 50 years old woman for forehead and eye area (crow's feet) and if that together is consider one area or two area.... READ MORE

Did I Have Too Much Botox?

I have had Botox several times. I just turned 50 and it has worked well in the past. Two weeks ago, I had the following injections that did not really... READ MORE

Mouth Drooping After Botox for Bell's Palsy

I've had Bell's Palsy since childhood. I'm 47 now, and I had Botox injected in my forehead, the sides of my eyes, and in my chin for the dimple caused... READ MORE

Can you make your jawline and neck area more define with Botox? (photo)

I have had a smart lipo procedure on my jowls and slight double chin. I am 50 and have a more rounded jawline. Is this use of Botox possible to more... READ MORE

Botox for Wrinkles Above my Nose?

I have wrinkles above my nose, between my eyes that I am wondering if there is some treatment to deminish these. Thank you. READ MORE

Can very deep vertical wrinkles in the forehead be repaired? (photo)

I am a 48 y/o male and I have several very distinct vertical lines in my forehead. These are not between the eyes, they extend up up from above the... READ MORE

Could a "heavy" feeling in my forehead and persistent headache and nausea be caused by too much botox in my forehead? (Photo)

I had 30 units of botox injected into my 11's and forehead a week and a half ago and have had a nonstop headache from 2 days after the injection. Now... READ MORE

Can I Have my Eyebrow Rasied by Botox? (photo)

I am a caucasian male, age 47 with fair skin. I would like to have the eyebrow raised by Botox, (see photo) is this possible, ?, where would the... READ MORE

Botox Injections for Spasticity

I have upper motor neuron syndrome-related spasticity due to multiple sclerosis...UAB Medicine suggests Botox is a great therapy option for legs and... READ MORE

I Recently Tried Botox for the First Time - Bad Result! Eyelids Pulling Every Time my Eyebrows Move at All? (photo)

Can It Be Fixed? 10 units injected in the forehead, glabella and brows. Forehead smoothed out nicely but eyelids pull with even the slightest movement... READ MORE

Average Length of Time Botox Lasts?

I've had Botox and Dysport once each since last January in the glabellar lines and forehead lines. It seems that after 8 weeks much of the movement is... READ MORE

Can Crow's Feet Be Merely Softened with Botox?

I'm a 52 yr old male. I hoped to have my crow's feet subtly softened but not eliminated. After my first Botox injections the crow's feet are... READ MORE

Follow up: 48 hours ago I had 8-12 units of Botox in upper forehead. Is that a conservative amount for upper forehead?

I asked a question about eyelid hooding and eyebrow dropping a few days ago. It's been 5 full days post and the slightly bad results are worse:( I am... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Rid of the Angry Look That People Have Told Me I Have All my Life? I Am 47 and Am Really Tired of It.

Ever since I can remember, back as far as grade school, people are always saying to me, "What's wrong" and when I ask why, they say, "Oh, you look so... READ MORE

Recommendations re: fillers and Botox for 45 year old woman who prefers a very natural look? Budget is $2,000 (Photo)

I have an appt with a oculoplastic board certified plastic surgeon to get filler in my tear troughs. He comes highly recommended. I feel confident... READ MORE

Can I Make my Eyebrows Flat, Instead of Arched Through Botox Injections?

I am a Caucasian pale skinned white male (age 49). I have bushy arched eyebrows (like Ashton Kutcher). The masculine look is horizontal brows. Can... READ MORE

I Smoke, I Had Botox in my Mouth and in my Chin and Now I'm Almost Drooling! How Long It Last? Please Help!

I'm 46. I hat botox injections 2 weeks a go. My Dr. told me He put 2 x0,5 units not in the corners and not in the "filter" of my upper lip and 2 x... READ MORE

Can I Try Botox Having Been Diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome in 2001?

After using the inhalant Imitrex for a migraine, my left pupil constricted and eyelid drooped (2001). Those symptoms cleared in two weeks, but... READ MORE

Botox treatment to Masseter muscle has caused jowl. Is this permanent?

Last year I had Botox injections (4 in total) to my left masseter to treat hypertrophy. This worked well in reducing the muscle bulk but the last... READ MORE

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