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Botox - Ten Days Later and I Feel As Though I Have Been Kicked in my Right Eye. Should I Be Worried?

I had Botox ten days ago for crows feet and forehead lines. Now when I screw up my eyes or blink hard the right eye feels bruised but I can't see... READ MORE

Botox Causing Stomach Pains?

My wife has had botox to the face, but shortly after ( two days ) started having stomach issues, to which she is constantly on the toilet and unable... READ MORE

I Have Headaches, Nausea, and Body Aches. Could my Recent Cosmetic Injections Be to Blame?

I have recently(6th feb) received injections for cosmetic purposes. resylane in my cheeks and vistabex in my forehead. About 10 days following the... READ MORE

Water on Knee, Edema, Aching Joints and Botox? (photo)

Recently had Botox injections for frown line on forehead, 10 units I believe. I am experiencing edema in legs, water on knee, aching and joint... READ MORE

Flu like symptoms after cosmetic Botox injection. Any suggestions?

I have received 44 u of botox for my 11s and eyes on Monday, on Thursday i started feeling flu like symptoms . It was 3rd day after injection. I have... READ MORE

1st Botox Injection, Within 4-5 Hours: Severe Aches and DOB: Felt Like Burn in Lungs?

2 syringes Botox (Allergan). 5 hrs. later,severe bones, joints, and muscles aches. 1 hr. later, lungs felt like had a chemical burn: could take... READ MORE

Is it normal to have tingling and achey pain around eye 2 weeks after botox?

I had botox in forehead, frown lines & crows feet two weeks ago (13 August) and had no pain until 2 days ago (23rd August) when I began to get a... READ MORE

Does Botox cause dry eyes and eye ache? Eye ache is my biggest concern and its the worst at night.

I use 30 units of botox every 4-5 months along with 20 mg Prilosec, 88 mcg Levothyroxin, 50 mg Losartan, .05% Restasis, and Flonase every 3rd day.... READ MORE

Ear pain 14 days post Botox 15units in glabella. Right eye still burning as well. Also have jaw pain near wisdom tooth on right.

I have had wisdom tooth irritability in the past so I'm trying not to freak out too much but thought it was odd it decided to show up now after I've... READ MORE

Is it normal to get a lump on my hand after getting botox in the forehead eyebrow area? (Photos)

I just had botox put in my forhead and eyebrow area for the first time at 11am my right hand has been aching since mostly my middle knuckle and now... READ MORE

How long will I have these awful side effects from Botox?

I got Botox and juviderm in nov then touch up in dec 2016. I had no side effects. I then went back in February after 12 weeks to get more Botox then a... READ MORE

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