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Body Jet liposuction, also called Water Jet Liposuction, uses water pressure to remove body fat. LEARN MORE ›

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This is a follow-up to my first question. The first pictures I post is the before pictures. I'm adding these pictures of me a month and a half post-op. I really went in to get stomach lipo. He was running a special so I got my back and love handles done too. I see good results with my back but... READ MORE

I had my bodyjet lipo done on my tummy and love Handles on 17 Jan 2013. I the whole procedure took about 3 hours. The worst thing about this procedure was the numbing, that whole thing took about 45 mins. Once he started it was not that painful. Although sometimes he hit places like in my upper... READ MORE

I had Body-Jet, a Water-Jet assisted liposuction on my upper and lower tummy and also around my flanks 4 days ago. Body-Jet is described as to be the latest innovation in liposuction with simple cosmetic surgery procedure designed to simply wash the fat away with a gentle fluid spray and after... READ MORE

Ok, so i'm a disabled guy ,age 47, been disabled for 6 years now, and i can't exercise or work due to my disability , i gained lots of weight, i look terrible and feel so unwanted. I decided to try this Aqualipo procedure on my belly and love handles, Consulted a real nice doctor in Miami that... READ MORE

I had liposuction,i do my arm,abdomen,love handle,thigh,upper back and lower back....thats i do already one month and seven days,but until now i only see very little result like 10%...i very sad and dissappointed it...but somebady told me,after process the around three week mcan see very... READ MORE

Three weeks ago I had body jet liposuction done in multiple areas. I am pleased with the results on my abdomen and lower back. I also had lipo and muscle tightening done for my "double chin". My concern is that my incision under my chin is hard and raised and near the incision is... READ MORE

Day 3: SO definitely a little bit more sore today .... but not unbearable at all. I took tylenol this morning for the pain . I took the baby to the mall and we went shopping! SO apparently the pain isn't that bad! Just hurts if you bump up against something or to sit, or get up... READ MORE

Hi gals this is my second time using rs and I want to send a shout out to anyone travelling to Forme Clinic ,Prague in January 2016. I'm going for body jet lipo of tummy hips thighs and knees with a mini tummy tuck to top it all of could do with a travel buddy! Also if anyone else has had... READ MORE

Dr Ashpole and his staff were wonderful. Promt at ever appointment. The procedure was easier than I expected. They did a great job and made me feel very comfortable. They explained the procedure thoroughly ... I love my results!!!!!!! Would recommend highly. The office is very nicely... READ MORE

I learned about body jet lipo from a brochure in the waiting room while I was waiting to use my groupon for Botox. I'm certainly not a typical candidate for lipo because I'm over 60 and very slender--except for the saddlebags on my thighs that have always made buying pants/jeans a nightmare. ... READ MORE

Nubody concept changed my life!!!! I had the aqualipo on the upper and lower part of my abdomen. The procedure is quick and less painful than others. To me, I didn't have any downfalls with the procedure and the gourmet that everybody is saying is the worst part is actually the less painful part... READ MORE

For as far back as i remember I've always had issues with the way my abdomen area looked. I'm not a heavy person, and I exercise regularly so while I could mask it by dressing for my body type, it was an eye sore to me when naked/on the beach. I finally decided in October 2014 to have a... READ MORE

Well I had consult on June 5th. Paid on June 15 and of course I researched place called Nubody Concepts. Well after ready reviews mostly good a few not I got really frightened and nervous. Called about5 times in between the time I paid til 2days before staff still friendly and informative. Went... READ MORE

I am the kind of person that works out constantly and eats healthy but will never be a size zero. My family naturally holds fat in our hips and thighs. Dr. Ditesheim and his staff used the AquaShape on me and I love it! I feel more confident in my yoga pants and jeans. Their facility and staff... READ MORE

I originally went into NuBody Concepts out of curiosity. I met with one of the consultants there, Rachelle, who was very easy to talk to. My goal was to see what the process would be to remove some belly fat that has plaguing me since I was a teenager. She was incredibly honest about managing my... READ MORE

I am posting this review because I have not seen many reviews from average size women. I believe the American woman's average size is a 12 - 14. I am a size 10 and had aqua lipo done to my upper and lower abs and my love handles. This procedure was done by Dr. Conner at Nubody Concepts in... READ MORE

My decision to have aqualipo was based on the difficulty to lose that last few inches in my belly. My "kangaroo pouch" was the result of having 3 kids and target toning that area has been such a challenge. My hope is that I can maintain the results where I couldn't lose that last stubborn... READ MORE

The procedure was great and well worth it. i was down maybe 3days but was able to move around fully after a week i had it done in the winter  in memphis and the staff was wonderful. the only thing was the compression belt I got tired of wearing it. But i felt better when I did. I recommend... READ MORE

I wanted to do the water jet because it is NOT done under general anesthetic....the doctor told me it would take twice as long (approx 4 hours) to do lipo and the fat transfer to the buttocks it cost $5000 instead of !2500..she said you can only take up to 1000cc if do it under local ..... READ MORE

I just want to thank Dr. Conner and his staff at Nubody Cocepts of Memphis. I got Aqualipo on my upper and lower abdomen. I was a little nervous before the procedure but the nurse calmed me down and the actual procedure was 98% painless. It felt like someone was pinching you when it was close... READ MORE

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