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Good & Bad - Spain, ES

I had body jet lipo done yesterday on my stomach and flanks. I'm a 35 yr old and weighted 136lbs. I had my procedure done in Spain and my Spanish language skills are lacking so I felt a bit lost on numerous occasions. After drawing on me and taking my photos they took me in to theatre The... READ MORE

Aqualipo Smartlipo Naturalfill Breast - Brentwood, TN

I am a 48 year old mother of 4 (31 to 20). I have always been in pretty good shape until about 35. Up until than I could exercise and keep a curvy size 6. Over the last decade I have been up and down between 140 and 170 (largest size a 12) BUT no longer look to be perfect. I have great... READ MORE

AquaLipo - Alpharetta, GA

I poted not to take too much Valium... I took one 10mg 30 minutes before the surgery where as most people take about 4 10mg Valiums... so i was very alert. there was some pinching pain during the initial numbing, but after that just pressure from the movement. it was quick, not too terribly... READ MORE

Lazer assisted Body Jet in Scottsdale

So my experience is actually a 2 part tale, so let me tell you guys about both. After admitting to myself a few months ago that I had let my self esteem issues creep so far into my life that they were affecting me in my relationship, I knew I needed o make a change. My significant other and I... READ MORE

Was Enough Fat Taken Out? Follow Up to my First Question -Atlanta, GA

This is a follow-up to my first question. The first pictures I post is the before pictures. I'm adding these pictures of me a month and a half post-op. I really went in to get stomach lipo. He was running a special so I got my back and love handles done too. I see good results with my back but... READ MORE

Things We Do to Be Beautiful...- Munich, DE

I had my bodyjet lipo done on my tummy and love Handles on 17 Jan 2013. I the whole procedure took about 3 hours. The worst thing about this procedure was the numbing, that whole thing took about 45 mins. Once he started it was not that painful. Although sometimes he hit places like in my upper... READ MORE

Bruises I Bear for a Great Waistline - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I had Body-Jet, a Water-Jet assisted liposuction on my upper and lower tummy and also around my flanks 4 days ago. Body-Jet is described as to be the latest innovation in liposuction with simple cosmetic surgery procedure designed to simply wash the fat away with a gentle fluid spray and after... READ MORE

Sharing My Aqualipo Experience from Beginning to End - Miami, FL

Ok, so i'm a disabled guy ,age 47, been disabled for 6 years now, and i can't exercise or work due to my disability , i gained lots of weight, i look terrible and feel so unwanted. I decided to try this Aqualipo procedure on my belly and love handles, Consulted a real nice doctor in Miami that... READ MORE

Why i cant See Any Results After Liposuction - Malaysia

I had liposuction,i do my arm,abdomen,love handle,thigh,upper back and lower back....thats i do already one month and seven days,but until now i only see very little result like 10%...i very sad and dissappointed it...but somebady told me,after process the around three week mcan see very... READ MORE

Hard Lumps After Lipo for "Double Chin" - Atlanta, GA

Three weeks ago I had body jet liposuction done in multiple areas. I am pleased with the results on my abdomen and lower back. I also had lipo and muscle tightening done for my "double chin". My concern is that my incision under my chin is hard and raised and near the incision is... READ MORE

BodyJet Lipo to 5 Areas

Day 3: SO definitely a little bit more sore today .... but not unbearable at all. I took tylenol this morning for the pain . I took the baby to the mall and we went shopping! SO apparently the pain isn't that bad! Just hurts if you bump up against something or to sit, or get up... READ MORE

Dr. Walls knows her stuff

Quat massa quis enim. Donec pede justo, fringilla vel, aliquet nec, vulputate eget, arcu. In enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet a, venenatis vitae, justo. Nullam dictum felis eu pede mollis pretium. Integer tincidunt. Cras dapibus. Vivamus elementum semper nisi. Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus.... READ MORE


Very nice staff but horrible lipo job. Paid way too much to have to go to a plastic surgeon to try to have it corrected and it's still not right. Very disappointing. I should have demanded a refund and or sued. I looked deformed and was told to wait a year and it should smooth out. It never... READ MORE


Hello peoples After my wonderful experience a few years ago at the Forme clinic I have decided to continue with my body make over quest. I had originally attended the Forme clinic for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation with Dr Benes and had wonderful results. My case was an extreme one, my... READ MORE

Spoke to soon, not results I expected! - Brentwood, TN

Well I had consult on June 5th. Paid on June 15 and of course I researched place called Nubody Concepts. Well after ready reviews mostly good a few not I got really frightened and nervous. Called about5 times in between the time I paid til 2days before staff still friendly and informative. Went... READ MORE

Amazing Results, Dr. Berger is Highly Skilled and Experienced, Had Great Experiences with Rejuvalife Staff - Beverly Hills, CA

I was incredibly impressed by Dr. Berger's skill and his ability to communicate with me as a patient. He was calm and considerate and made me feel comfortable by answering my questions and keeping me informed. I was really nervous going into the procedure, but after seeing my amazing results, I... READ MORE

Great Experience at Rejuvalife Vitality Institute - Beverly Hills, CA

I went down to Dr. Andre Berger / Rejuvalife Vitality in Beverly Hills Los Angeles from Vancouver, Canada after much online research and despite current weak Canadian currency. It's now 5 days after procedure and although my final result is yet to appear in near future I can't be any happier... READ MORE

Aqualipo - Orlando, FL

I am a middle-aged adult going through menopause. I was extremely activate until last year-working out 5 days a week. However; fatigued and medical issues kept me from working out for about 6 months. During that time I developed some fat deposits on my thighs and hips. I started working out... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Made by Far - Schaumburg, IL

After being insecure for many years I decided to have the body jet procedure done. I found Dr. Ashpole on this site and he had positive reviews and now I know why. He and his staff were so professional and made me feel so comfortable. Everything he described about the procedure from the day of... READ MORE

Looking for Travel Buddy and Lipo with Tt Advice

Hi gals this is my second time using rs and I want to send a shout out to anyone travelling to Forme Clinic ,Prague in January 2016. I'm going for body jet lipo of tummy hips thighs and knees with a mini tummy tuck to top it all of could do with a travel buddy! Also if anyone else has had... READ MORE

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