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Body jet lipo

It's currently 6 days before my body jet lipo to my abdomen & flanks, my date for procedure is Aug. 2nd and im super excited but SUPER nervous.. I don't have a very big tummy but I have bigger flanks which make my already small hips appear smaller.. so I want a snatched waist.. I'll be going to... READ MORE

41 with Three Kids Not Happy with Midsection - Chicago, IL

I'm about 8 days post op .. I had my upper and lower abdomen and my flanks done ... I'm on the road to recovery so far it's been ok no more pain however my stomach is still numb to the touch but it's very hard and swollen stilll I go today for my first post op visit with the doctor and to get a... READ MORE

29 and wanting a new 30th birthday body

So I have been interviewing Dr.Ramos and I like him so far, Im very nervous about the procedure more so the pain part and will I get the desired results. I have had 3 children and wanna feel sexy again. Im tired of tugging at my clothes and and just feeling fat. I have tried many diets I workout... READ MORE

Body Jet Lipo for Struggling Mum Who Takes Medication Which Caused Weight Gain on Stomach - Cheadle, GB

I had been unhappy with my stomach for many years and decided it was time to do something about it! It was affecting my confidence and making me feel Iow. I researched options, and decided body jet lipo seemed the best option for me, and did decided to meet with Gary Ross after researching him... READ MORE

25 Yo 1 Child. Chicago, IL

Hello, I'm 25yo and have 1 child. I'm was fairly thin befor my baby girl (140 and very curvy) but not anymore. I am currently 220,and very depressed. Tomorrow I am having my upper and lower belly done along with my inner thighs . I am very nurvous but from the other review I should be ok. Wish... READ MORE

34yrs Old Csection X2 - Memphis, TN

I was motivated to get the stomach gone because it was very depressing. I was going to try the traditional Lipo but I had to fly to Miami and Stay a week so I done my research and decided to consult about Aqualipo. I went to Nubody Concepts in Memphis and had the procedure done. I am 4 days post... READ MORE

28 year old female no kids - Chicago, IL

So I have been a very active person. I was on weight watchers a few years ago and dropped 65 pounds and over the course of losing the weight I always had bigger thighs and a stomach pouch. Decided to get body jet and had back to back procedures a week apart. Very painful but starting to feel... READ MORE

Mom of 2, 44 years old, Athletic, Extremely Active wanting to flatten out baby belly - Brentwood, TN

After two babies and 2 c-sections my belly was left wrecked. I wanted to have a tummy tuck but I am very active and athletic and I just could not afford to be down 8 weeks and then have to rebuild my abs again. I was not sure that aqualipo and smart lipo would fix my problem areas, but I... READ MORE

25 YO Body Jet on Tummy, Back & Arms. Chicago, IL

I'm a 25 YO female at 160LBs 5'5" getting my back, flanks, upper and lower abdomen and arms liposuctioned. I have never had invasive surgery of any kind and my appointment is tomorrow in Chicago with Dr. Ye. I have struggled with my weight and have been as low as 135. I never even at my lowest... READ MORE

40. 2 Kids. Hoping to Get Rid of the Muffin Top. - Chicago, IL

Ok. I just returned from my third consultation. I met with Dr. Ye initially and got the same good feeling I felt while researching him online. I likes him and all his reviews online, but I decided to be thorough and meet with two other doctors who also had good reviews. I'm satisfied in my... READ MORE

52 Year Old I Need to Lose This Fat Belly - Brentwood, TN

I met with Andrea today 6/23/15. She was such a sweetheart. Everyone so far has been so sweet and answered all my questions. My procedure was scheduled for July 1, 2015, but when I got back home they called and said they had a cancellation and could do it the very next day. I was so happy for... READ MORE

Saddlebags to shopping bags!!!!

What a tremendous experience!!!!! From scheduling my initial consultation with Mira all the way through after care and follow up appointments, the service, care and attention I have received have been outstanding!!!! My results are better than I had ever expected and I would 100% recommend the... READ MORE

Small Waistline but Flabby Stomach After Having Kids - Memphis, TN

I was sick of my belly fat.My body needed an upgrade.The commercial is lying,u cant return to work after aqualipo.stayed off wk 1 whole week.Can't lie about the pain because it hurts however it was bearable.I wouldn't have lasted much longer.Swelling was bad my 1st wk.its wk 3 & i look & feel... READ MORE

Body Jet Liposuction Waistline shaping Cirumed Marbella - Spain

My coordinator at cirumed jenny has pointed out to me that it is nice to share my surgery experience i guess the doc is proud of me because mine has come out so nice hehehe my body was acutally not too bad before the procedure but to do it has definitely brough out the best in me. I had bodyjet... READ MORE

26 Years Old - Alpharetta, GA

I have done this before, but went in to get a touch up for lower abdomen ended up getting the upper done also. It has been a week now I haven't noticed any change yet. I am a lil nervous. Procedure was very smooth my process looks very slow. But I a little results I hope in 6 weeks I can wear... READ MORE

29 Year Old 3 Kids. Chicago, IL

It all started with a groupon! I saw a groupon for Body Jet Lipo so I went for it. I'm very active. I go to the gym 5 times a week. Sometimes twice a day. For whatever reason my tummy still didn't give me that hourglass figure that I wanted soooo badly! So after researching real self, I decided... READ MORE

Have One Daughter That Will Be 18 in a Couple Months. Wanted my Waist Back!!! - Chicago, IL

I had smartlipo 2x in Buffalo Grove Illinois a couple years ago with the WORST experience EVER and I was left with 6 dark holes from incisions. I said, I would never go thru that nightmare again but I found Dr. Ye. Body jet lipo. I was told by many PS that I would need a tummy tuck but I didn't... READ MORE

Best Choice I Made - Memphis, TN

After accomplishing many milestones in my life there was one that I had difficulties with achieving, which was getting my ab area “just right" eating healthy and working out didn't master the job (NOTE: I will never stop working out and eating right) so after watching the commercial for A... READ MORE

Aqua Lipo on Upper and Lower Abdomen and Side Flank Areas - Brentwood, TN

Amazed that it was so simple and seeing great results at 3 weeks! Cant wait till another few months for the final result. Most pain was tenderness. That is all. Procedure was a piece of cake! I will get the before from the office! but on day 3 is pretty much my size. You do swell and im still... READ MORE

Aqualipo on Love Handles (Male) - Orlando, FL

Hey guys! Didn't see too many male reviews on here so I thought I'd share my experience. I just had the procedure done today:) I was overweight all my life up until my sophomore year of high school when I adopted a super healthy lifestyle, started working out (weight lifting, cardio a few times... READ MORE

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