Busted! The Top 10 Breast Myths Debunked

Elisabeth Dale on 18 Dec 2013 at 9:30am

Think you know everything there is to know about breasts? I thought I did, until I wrote a book on the subject. Then I discovered that I’d been a real boob about own boobs. Women shared with me their top questions and my research uncovered some surprising and uplifting answers.

Top 10 Mammary Myths:

1. The average female breast size is a C cup

breast myths

The truth:  Women come in all shapes and sizes---from AAA to KK (and beyond). The fastest growing segment of the bra industry is the larger cup sizes of DD and above. No one is sure why women’s breasts are getting bigger, but it has little to do with increased rates of breast augmentations.

2. Breast development ends in your early to mid-teens

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The truth:  Many women don't achieve their full boob growth until their mid-20s and breast tissue continues to change all the way through menopause. You may be an early or a late boob-bloomer!

3. You'll wear the same bra cup and band most of your life

breast myths
The truth:  Bra manufacturers estimate a woman wears 6 to 8 different sizes over the course of her lifetime. Breasts are more like moving targets on our chest, often changing two different sizes in one month.

4. Breasts are meant to be perfectly symmetrical

breast myths

The truth:   Most women have two different breasts on their chests and they are rarely “twins.”

5. Men prefer women with bigger breasts

breast myths
The truth:   Studies show that women over estimate the size of breasts that men prefer. Partners are more accepting of our bodies and seem to be happy to be around any breasts at all.

6. Women who opt for breast implants always do so to increase their cup size

breast myths
The truth:  The majority of women who have breast augmentations are married, with two kids (average age 34). Since breasts are mostly made of fat and not muscle, implants are the only way to add back volume lost from pregnancy. They may or may not choose to go bigger, and many others choose to change their implant size over time. Alternatively, just because a woman has large breasts doesn't mean she had a boob job (see #1 above).

7. More young girls are getting breast implants

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The truth:  In 2010, only 3 percent of all augmentations were performed on girls 18 to 19 years old. Statistics show that young boys undergo more breast reductions, than young girls get breast enlargements.

8. Bras cause breast cancer

breast myths
The truth:  Despite Internet rumors, there is no evidence that wearing a bra is related to increased incidence of breast cancer.

9. Women with small breasts can't breastfeed

breast myths
The truth:  Breast size is determined more by the amount of fat stored in a woman’s chest, not her underlying milk glands. Milk production is regulated by baby’s nursing demands. Many larger breasted women have difficulty with latch on and positioning due to their increased size.

10. If you don’t wear a bra, your breasts will sag

breast myths
The truth:  No one really knows what keeps our breasts afloat. It may have more to do with your DNA than anything we wrap around our breasts. Weight gain and loss, plus smoking decrease elasticity and lead to sagging skin. Although studies  show that it’s important to have the proper support when you exercise so that you don’t stretch or break down breast tissue. 

Bottom line? Know the facts about your body and embrace your breast life!

Elisabeth Dale The Breast LifeElisabeth Dale is an author, speaker, and founder of TheBreastLife.com. Her book, bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls, features advice from experts together with personal stories and experiences (“mammoirs”). Check out her website or follow her on Twitter @thebreastlife.