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Birthmarks are either vascular (the result of abnormal blood vessels) or pigmented (the result of pigmentation inconsistencies). The treatment for both types typically includes either laser resurfacing or light therapyLEARN MORE ›

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Test Patch

I have no expectations . I had treatment 40 years, when , amazingly they had a shot at my eyelid by putting a disc under it. I am hoping , at least, that the modern day lasers can reduce the colour of port wine stain.. regarding the eyelid , what do the Doctors think? Have treatments on eyelids... READ MORE

Wine Stain Birthmark Removal on Forehead - Newtown Square, PA

I have a small port wine stain birthmark on the upper right side of my forehead. This year, my mom has gifted me the money for its removal. It's something that has always bothered others more than me and came to be a nuisance from people constantly looking at it or asking me questions (ie. Is... READ MORE

I Have a Birthmark on my Lips - Charleston, SC

So for the longest of times. I had dark lips I've considered it a birthmark. I never go anywhere with lipstick on to cover it but seeing as how science is so advanced I wondered if there was a dermatologist I could speak to or a special procedure to get them at least one color can anyone help!!!!!!! READ MORE

Port Wine Stain Removed - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello I Have a port wine stain that Basma Hameed is helping me camouflage. The way it works is that she implants pigment into the skin to camouflage it. No lasers. I decided to go this route because I did my research and some lasers can make it worse and kill the pigments in the skin, creating... READ MORE

20 Year Old - Rochester, NY

So I have a port wine stain on my face and neck. I started treatments when I was 3 weeks old. I switched doctors at 5 years old due to no change and scaring left from the doctor. I was with the second Doctor till I was 16. My birthmark would fade and come back but never gone. I was told it would... READ MORE

21 Year Old - Giant Nevus / Very Large Birthmark Removal - Yorkshire, GB

I had a very unsightly Giant Nevus birth mark on my left side which I had always been very self conscious about. Measuring roughly 14 cm x 5 cm it covered much of my side, making it difficult to cover easily. Because it was so large, I was concerned it could more easily become cancerous and felt... READ MORE

"Bye Bye Birthmark,hello New Me"..:) - Chicago, IL

First and foremost I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the skills and artisty extended by Dr.Laurie Casas.For most people any kind of surgery is unsettling.However ,my personal experience was far from unsettling.From the first phone call to all the information researched I knew I... READ MORE

Much Needed - Orlando, FL

Im hoping this can be removed from under my eye I hate this thing under my eye I get questioned everyday.saying who hit I or who best you up and in always walking with my head down I been searching to get it removed but i have not had any luck I wish someone could please help me and give me good... READ MORE

Getting Rid of My Cafe Au Lait Spot - Virginia Beach, VA

Hello. I have had this birthmark all of my life and I am tired of it. It in on my chest so I cannot wear V Neck tops or scooped neck things. Also, I was told that my father had similar birth marks on his body. I don't want to be anything like him because he was a deadbeat who did not do his job.... READ MORE

Help. I Don't Know What Doctor Can Remove Birth Mark!!! - Indiana, IN

I've had this bruising type mark on my face since I was 5 or so. I've been to a few local doctors who have no answers. Lmk if anyone can help. I had a laser treatment but no results. I feel so helpless cause no one has a name for this "marking". The color is deep blue with almost like dots... READ MORE

I Hate My Port Wine Stain Birthmark! - Lutz, FL

So I love RealSelf so much, I decided to document a procedure I had in the past and my contraction of that process in the present. Some info about me: I'm 37 years old, divorced, 2 beautiful children, and a full time student. I also have a birthmark which I absolutely hate!! I was born with a... READ MORE

Happy Results

I had two procedures with Dr. Ganchi and was very happy with the results. Dr. Ganchi is very professional and cares about the final results. He did not try to talk me into getting a more expensive procedure than the one I selected, and he did educated me about the two I received. He always... READ MORE

Birthmark Removal Surgery Clinic - Folsom, CA

I had an birthmark from my birth which i tried to remove by different ways and i consulted many doctors for birthmark removal treatment but i had found no use after that from some references i gone througheternesse their treatment is good hospitality is good i would suggest for people who are... READ MORE

33 Year Old Male with Large Black Hariy Nevus on Right Bottock - Midland, TX

As a young child and into my teenage years I was ridiculed and embarrassed in front of other family members and company by my older adult sister. She would ask my to lower my pants to show them the giant birthmark on my buttock. Of course this would terrify me very much that I would run and hide... READ MORE

Birthmark Removal Treatments. Stamford, CT

My birthmark is located under my left eye, I am able to numb the area which is a plus since it is painful. The treatments are quick, and last only 2minutes at the most. It is Taking more treatments than initially thought due to the location which is tiresome considering the hour and a half drive... READ MORE

18 and More Confident. Edina, MN

Dr. Kovanda had removed an epidermal nevus on my chest/arm pit and I couldn't be happier. I the birth mark help me back confidence wise and we had to find out if it had any cancerous cells, and thankfully it didn't. Dr. Kovanda and his doctors made me feel very comfortable and I would definitely... READ MORE

Freedom from my Birth Mark. India, IN

Unexceptional Surgery done by Dr. Ajaya Kashyap. Due to Birth Deformity my Face structure was not normal As everybody else of my age. I met doctor two years ago and now I am so happy that I decided to get the surgery done by him as he help me look normal. There was a huge change on my face after... READ MORE

Dr. Gregory Helped Me Live a Normal Life - Orlando, FL

I was born with a disfiguring hemangioma on my lower lip and chin. My parents brought me to Dr. Gregory as a child and I have had multiple surgeries since then to reconstruct my lower lip. Dr. Gregory has done an amazing job with all of the procedures he performed. Today my hemangioma is... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old - New York

I can't thank enough Dr. Levine for bringing up my self-esteem. I've had a rhinoplasty almost 2 yrs ago. That went just perfect. I see Dr. Levine for Botox treatment. Recently, I've had two birthmark removed from my face. She made me feel like a new me. I can't just thank her enough for being so... READ MORE

Birthmark Removal. Lincoln, NE

Simply put, Dr. Lott is amazing. After seeing her the first time, "Bedside mannerism" seems like an insultive label. She is very easy to form a trusting bond with, she is always straight forward, and she's always well informed on any given dermatology subject relative to you or not. She's... READ MORE

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