Brightening your teeth is one of the most effective and efficient ways to turn back the clock on your smile and your appearance. Bright, white teeth connote beauty, freshness, and confidence that you’ll naturally want to show off.  While this is the ultimate goal of many teeth whitening methods, few actually deliver, and that’s why we offer ZOOM! Bleaching services here at Elite Dental Arts.

ZOOM! provides smile shade improvement that far exceeds over-the-counter, at-home and comparative in-office professional teeth whitening methods.  For all chair-side whitening and bleaching procedures that are now available, ZOOM! remains the most powerful. Among the many advantages and benefits ZOOM! Bleaching offers, you’ll experience:

  • A quick and efficient one-time procedure that typically lasts about an hour.


  • Dramatic whitening results that can amount to a stunning improvement of ten shades.
  • A beautifully brightened smile that lasts years and is easily maintained with your very own touch-up kit and custom whitening trays.


  • Confidence to show off a winning smile and create a lasting impression.
  • Time and money saved that would have been otherwise spent on inferior at-home and mass market teeth whitening products that only provide a fraction of the results.

To determine if you’re a candidate for this smile brightening procedure, we welcome to visit for a complimentary consultation.


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