This is an excellent article written by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn about the dangers of choosing a “cosmetic surgeon” in place of a board certified plastic surgeon.

In the Austin area there are several physicians masquerading as plastic surgeons with horribly inadequate qualifications. From a family practice physician performing liposuction at local med spas to a “cosmetic” doctor without any formal training after medical school (yes I’m not making this up, it’s unbelievable) performing breast augmentation surgery in his office in downtown Austin this area is not unlike what Dr. Youn warns about.

At Synergy Plastic Surgery all of our plastic surgeons are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (the only recognized board for plastic surgeons). Both myself and Dr. Bekanich have completed rigorous training in plastic surgery and have performed thousands of plastic surgery operations. We also only operate in the hospital setting which is not available to just “any” physician.

Hospital privileges are difficult to obtain and also require regular maintenance of education to maintain. Please ask any surgeon you visit if they have the ability to perform your surgery in the safety of a hospital setting and whether they hold privileges in plastic surgery at area hospitals—only a true plastic surgeon will be able to smile at you and reply “absolutely’ every time….
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