What's Your Athletic Safety IQ? What Every Athlete Should Know.


Basketball and tournament brackets are undoubtedly on the minds of many, especially as things conclude for the season, at least collegiately.  With all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding games, etc., it’s often all-too-easy to overlook things such as dental safety for all sports.  Take this short quiz to find out if you’re an Ace of Athletic Safety, or if some “Tooth Tutoring” may be just what you need.

1. True or False: “Over-the-counter” mouthguards offer the same protection for athletes as professionally-made mouthguards.

Answer: FALSE.  Mouthguards made by dental professionals are the recommended thickness to help prevent injuries (3mm on the back-most areas of the mouth), and are double-laminated using a positive pressure vacuum machine.  Traditional “over-the-counter” mouthguards do not provide this same level of protection.

2. True or False: Professionally-made mouthguards are best-suited for professional athletes.

Answer: FALSE.  Athletes of all ages and all skill levels can benefit from the protection offered by wearing professionally-made mouthguards.  If you play a sport (any sport, actually), mouthguards are recommended.

3. Which of the following do professionally-made customized mouthguards prevent:
a. Concussions
b. Brain Injuries
c. Dental Injuries
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

Answer: D, all of the above.

4. True or False: patients wearing braces can have mouthguards made.

Answer: True.  Mouthguards are especially great for patients with braces as they help protect the orthodontic investment.

5. Which of the following is least expensive:
a. Root canal
b. Professional Mouthguard
c. Crown
d. Tooth Extraction/Implant Placement

Answer:  B, professional mouthguard. The possible dental injuries which can occur without use of a professionally-made mouthguard require far costlier treatment than the minimal expense of the mouthguard itself.

Knowledge is power when it comes to dental safety…and the prevention mouthguards provide is part of that winning combination for all athletes!

Article by
Columbia Dentist