Still Wondering if Botox® Cosmetic is Right for You?


Botox® Cosmetic injections for the treatment of unwanted frown lines remains an extremely popular minimally invasive procedure.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimate that 5.4 million Botox® Cosmetic treatments were performed in 2010.  This was actually an increase of 12% compared to 2009.

The ideal candidate has worrisome, vertical frown lines involving the space between the eyebrows.  These lines are sometimes apparent at rest, but are typically made much worse with animation or active frowning.  Often patients don’t even mean to frown, and the lines appear.  Patients have commented to me that coworkers often think they are angry or frustrated even when they are not.  These frown lines are actually caused by overactive muscles underneath the skin.  Botox® Cosmetic injections temporarily weaken these muscles causing the lines to virtually disappear.

Treatments typically take just a few minutes and are performed in the office without any need for anesthesia.  It usually takes a day for the medication to take effect, and one week to see the final results.  The results usually last for 3-4 months.  The troublesome lines will usually start to reappear around this time.  There are no long term effects meaning that once the lines return patients can expect to return to their pre-treatment appearance.



Article by
Yuba City Plastic Surgeon