Untreated Broken Nose


Untreated Broken Nose

Issues and Complications

When you break your nose it is important that you seek medical attention in order to prevent more significant injuries. When a broken nose is left untreated it can lead to many issues and complications. Some issues that may be experienced are facial deformities, deviated septum, Septal Hematoma, breathing, and snoring problems. A deviated septum usually occurs after a blow or injury to your nose. It is when the septum, which is the part that divides the inside of your two nostrils, has shifted out of its place. This can cause many problems mainly breathing. You will experience trouble breathing because now one of your nasal passageways may be blocked or obstructed with your septum. A deviated septum can cause facial deformities as well. Facial deformities occur when your nose appears to be crooked, bruised or swollen. This will give your face a different appearance than from what it was prior to the injury. Another issue that can occur is Septal Hematoma. Septal Hematoma is when blood collects within your nasal septum. This can lead to nasal congestion, swelling and trouble breathing. This can be painful because you will have to get the excess blood drained out of your nose by a doctor. Some other short-term issues you may experience are nose pain or tenderness. Nosebleeds will be common in a broken nose because the nasal cavity has suffered a crack or damage. Now that you have an understanding of what some of the issue and complications of an untreated broken nose can cause. Let’s discuss some long-term effects of an untreated broken nose.

Long-Term Effects

Long-term effects associated with an untreated broken nose can lead to poor quality of life. Having an obstruction in your nose makes you more prone to sinus infections. Not only may you get a sinus infection, but it may also turn into a chronic disease, which means it keeps reoccurring. As discussed before it will effect your sleeping patterns because your breathing is obstructed. That can lead to poor sleep and snoring as well. Other long-term effects are performing any type of physical activity. Since physical activities require significantly more oxygen having an obstruction can interfere with performing at your full potential. Nosebleeds are also a common long-term effect. Nosebleeds can occur because of your obstruction and/or because your sensitivity to your nose has increased and cause excessive dryness. In some cases, an untreated broken nose can lead to a loss in the sense of smell and taste. Although, it probably will not be a significant impact on your senses it is still a long-term problem that can occur. Individuals will experience their issues and complications differently.

Further Treatment

This article was designed to give you an understanding of what can happen when a broken nose goes untreated. If you start to experience any of these symptoms right after your injury or long-term, we recommend always consulting a doctor. You may need surgery to correct this issue permanently. There are various surgeries available to correct multiple different types of injuries to your nose depending on your situation. Some surgeries involve just correcting internal damage suffered, while others may need to correct the shape of the nose in order to fix the ongoing problem. In this article, we only discussed a few different types of effects and complications with an untreated broken nose. Please keep in mind, that every individual will experience different symptoms and issues that can be much worse or less. Ultimately, when you break your nose always go and see a doctor to determine if further treatment is needed. In conclusion, an untreated broken nose can cause many health complications and may bring a poor quality of life if not treated.

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