Ultherapy Treatments


Ultherapy By Lisa S. Jenks, MD

Ultherapy is new technology for the treatment of face and neck laxity.  Ultherapy is the only FDA approved non-surgical option for tightening of the face and neck.  Ultrasound energy is delivered deep into the muscle layer below the skin, which causes the muscles to contract and also leads to the formation of new collagen.  The result is significant tightening and lifting of the treated area.

Only one treatment is usually needed.  The results show themselves over the four to six months following the treatment, which results in a very natural-looking change.  Most people elect to have a treatment every 12 – 24 months, depending upon their individual aging process.

Ultherapy is a no downtime procedure.  Sometimes the skin is slightly red for a few hours after the treatment, but this resolves quickly.  Make-up and sunscreen can be worn immediately.  The energy pulses that are delivered into the skin can be slightly uncomfortable, so the staff will give you options for pain control. 

Single or multiple areas can be treated.  Some people just want a brow lift, which leads to brighter, more open eyes and less laxity in the upper lids.  However, many people prefer to treat multiple areas, such as the lower jaw and the neck or the areas above and below the eyes.  It’s also a great option to treat the entire face and neck!

Ultherapy deposits energy below the surface of the skin and, therefore, has no impact on surface issues, such as brown spots.  However, it can be combined with other treatments that do treat surface damage.  Schedule your consultation and learn how you can look healthier with only one Ultherapy treatment and no downtime! 

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