Ultherapy: The Neck You Once Knew


“Wow, I look old.”

The token-phrase of adulthood, forcing us to question where all the time has gone. The reality is, “old” might be how you feel, but that doesn’t mean it’s how you should look.

Ultherapy is a treatment that tones loose or wrinkled skin by using the body’s own internal skin healing response. There is no serious preparation involved, with noticeable results as soon as the first treatment. Ultimately, the lifting will take two to three months as the stronger, rejuvenated collagen continues to replace the existing tired collagen.

But like any treatment, you need to know the facts before you decide if it’s the right decision for you and your health.

What Is Ultherapy?Like we said, Ultherapy is the only FDA approved, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that utilizes ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift and tighten the loose skin around the eyebrows, neck, and chin.

How Does Ultherapy Work?Ultherapy uses sound wave pressure to stimulate the deep structural support layers of your skin, including those that are typically addressed in a surgical facelift, without irritating or disturbing the surface of your skin. This stimulates your body’s creation of new collagens, helping you tone over time.

Collagen, made up of natural proteins that give your skin its youthful appearance, is important to keeping your skin toned, firm, and elastic. As your body ages, your collagen tends to lose its elasticity, as gravity pulls the skin downward. Ultherapy helps correct this by jumpstarting your repair process to produce new collagen.

And here lies the major difference between Ultherapy and other procedures: Ultherapy is the only non-surgical treatment that targets the underlying foundation of skin without disrupting the appearance of the surface. The ultrasound imaging allows doctors to target the various layers of skin tissue, ensuring a high degree of collagen correction.

Treatment and Recovery TimeA typical Ultherapy treatment lasts between 45-60 minutes, with a partial face or brow lift lasting around 30 minutes. With no downtime, patients are able to continue their day after leaving the treatment office. Patients may notice some initial results, but the majority of the results will take place over a two to three month period. As the collagen continues to build, further improvements may be seen up to six months after the initial procedure.

Downsides?There may be minimal discomfort while the procedure is taking place, but you shouldn’t be alarmed! It only lasts a few short minutes. There’s also the chance that some temporary redness may appear on the skin following the procedure. Other than that, you should be in and out, and already looking forward to your new skin transformation.

The Fountain of Youth may be a myth, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to transform the look, feel, and health of your skin, Ultherapy is the non-surgical solution for you! With no downtime following surgery, you’re well on your way to more beautiful skin and the confidence that comes with it.
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Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon