Tummy Tuck Website


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that roughly 116,000 patients underwent a tummy tuck in 2010.  A tummytuck, a.k.a. abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure which dramatically improves the appearance of the abdominal region.  Patients may develop a protruding, unsightly abdomen for a number of reasons including pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or as a normal process in an otherwise healthy person.  The abdominal deformity typically includes an excess of skin, some fat excess, stretch marks of the lower abdomen, and laxity of the fascia covering the abdominal wall muscles.  In addition to having these anatomical changes, the ideal candidate for a tummy tuck also needs to be at or near their ideal weight, be in good overall health, and understand the risks of elective cosmetic surgery.  A tummy tuck can help many patients improve their self image by restoring a more youthful appearance to the abdomen.

Recently, we created an informational website for prospective patients who would like to learn more about the tummy tuck procedure.  The site contains a ton of useful information including an overview of the procedure, risks, recovery, patient photos, and useful links.

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