Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery- Not Happy with Your Tummy Tuck Results!


Why people might not be happy with their tummy tuck?


A person might be disappointed with the results of their tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in Beverly Hills due to asymmetry, highly visible surgical scar or their location, unacceptable visible deformities, bunching and rippling. The skin near or at the incisions may heal poorly, wounds may disrupt, and sensation can be altered in the areas of surgery or adjacent to it.


Tummy Tuck Complications or Unsatisfactory Results in Beverly Hills

ÿ    Tummy tuck scars can sometimes be revised or at least relocated to a less visible location. It is not uncommon to find patients who have had their tummy tuck incision placed too high, just under their belly button. These women are often unable to hide these scars under a bikini. This scar can often be lowered to where it can be hidden under a bikini.

ÿ    Another common complaint is the appearance and the size of belly buttons or the umbilicus after an abdominoplasty in Beverly Hills. The belly button scar and shape can be optimized with minor revision tummy tuck surgery.

ÿ    Unwanted bulging and protrusion of the abdomen after a tummy tuck can be caused by several things. First, it is not common for some women to gain weight after a tummy tuck which can cause accumulation of fat in certain areas of the abdomen and flanks. Second, tightening of the abdominal wall muscles can become undone with either heavy lifting, or weight gain. There are even times when the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon might not have performed a complete tightening of the abdominal Rectus Muscles along its entire length. This can also be revised similar to repair of a ventral hernia or incisional hernia

ÿ    Smoking or use of Nicotine products can be detrimental to the results of a tummy tuck.  Nicotine causes severe chocking of the small and delicate blood vessels that supply blood to the umbilicus and the other areas of the abdominal skin. Therefore, smoking can cause death of the umbilicus or the abdominal wall skin and opening or dehiscence of the incision line. If this happens, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can possibly revise your abdominoplasty and repair or reconstruct these wounds.


Having said this, it may not be possible to fully correct, revise, or improve upon the result of your tummy tuck. Following the instructions of your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before and after surgery can minimize your chance of developing complications or unsatisfactory results.


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