Your Tummy Tuck Options Explained


The different types of tummy tucks can be confusing to even the best online researchers. If you’d like a flatter, fitter looking abdomen but aren’t sure which tummy tuck is right for you, here’s a simple breakdown of tummy tuck options.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck can create beautiful results in the right candidates, but the wrong candidates are likely to feel disappointed. A mini tummy tuck focuses on the lower abdominal area, below the belly button. In a mini tummy tuck, your belly button is left intact as your surgeon removes limited amounts of excess fatty tissue from your lower abdomen, performs a minor degree of lower abdominal tightening and finally tightens the lower stomach skin. The mini tummy tuck means a shorter scar and perhaps even a shorter recovery, but may not give the right level of correction for everyone.

Full/Traditional Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck, also known as a traditional tummy tuck, provides more comprehensive body contouring. During this procedure, your surgeon can remove excess fatty tissue throughout the abdomen and perform a more aggressive tightening of the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Finally, your stomach skin is draped over your new shape and any excess skin is trimmed away.

Tummy Tuck with AquaShape®

Lipo A tummy tuck with AquaShape liposuction offers patients more dramatic contouring results. In this combined procedure, your surgeon targets lingering pockets of fat in and around the abdomen before performing all the normal steps of a tummy tuck. The result is a slimmer, fitter and beautifully shaped midsection.
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Charlotte Plastic Surgeon