Tummy Tuck for African-American women- What African American Women look for abdominoplasty in Los Angeles


African American women who seek body contouring or abdominoplasty in Los Angeles often have very different priorities than Caucasians.


While most Caucasian women's goal for body contouring and tummy tuck is to obtain a smaller and more petite figure, most African-American women don’t mind being full bodied. Instead, black women rather have a curvaceous figure with a full buttock.


The failure to note this difference in expectations among different ethnicities can often lead to the disappointment of African-American women who have gone through plastic surgery, only to find themselves with a less attractive “stick-figure” body.


I was recently told by an African-American women who had a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills that while she got rid off her hanging abdominal skin fold with a tummy tuck she still did not like the final result of her Abdominoplasty because of lack of shape.


Ultimately, she underwent a revision abdominoplasty and liposuction by me. Afterwards, there was a difference in shape, curves, and figure. This is what most African American women say they want. Black women don’t necessarily want to get thinner, but more curvaceous.


As the ethnic diversity changes in the United States plastic surgeons should pay closer attention to the notion of beauty among different ethnicities.


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