Tummy Tuck Cost and Comparison


One of the legitimate concerns people have regarding abdominoplasty is the cost of the procedure.

There are two reasons to ask the cost of a purchase:

The first reason is to see whether we can afford the purchase, and the second reason is to compare the purchase price at different locations.

In order to decide if one can afford the procedure, an evaluation of one’s financial situation is needed:

•Do I have the money now?

• Am I going to have unexpected expenses within the coming three to six months, or am I going to have expected increase in personal cash flow secondary to tax refund, increase in salary job, gifts, maturation of investment, or completed loan payment, for instance for the car or house? Am I going to receive alimony payments or settlement of probate, inheritance, etc.?

• If I do not want to deplete my cash reserve, should I consider short-term financing? This, I believe, is one of the greatest features of financing with zero or very low interest rate because it helps manage the cash flow.

In order to compare the purchase at different locations, we have to use a different concept than the pure cost of the purchase. We have to look at the value of the purchase. Value is defined as the ratio of what we are getting divided by the actual cost itself. Looking only at the cost of a purchase at different locations does not allow for proper comparison.

What we get in every endeavor is the actual surgical outcome (visit the before and after pictures section on the site) and second, the overall experience in terms of the ease of going through it, and the care and comfort associated with it.

When we give you the quote for any procedure in our Chicago or Des Plaines office, we will give you all the costs associated with it; the cost of anesthesia and the facility, what happens if the procedure takes longer than initially planned, we will talk to you about the follow-up and how long it is going to be, and we will talk about touchup and scar revision. All these factors need to be taken into account when looking at the cost.

Once we have all this information, the comparison between different locations in chicago is possible.

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