The top vitamins and nutrients that help with hair loss


There are many beauty products that claim to help hair loss. Products can be helpful to prevent hair breakage and split ends. They can also help with dry or oily scalps that also cause hair loss. However, it is also essential to help hair by feeding it the right nutrients from inside. It is important to have a healthy diet, but also it is essential to take the right vitamins and supplements to take care of your hair properly.

The vitamins that are essential for healthy hair include Vitamin C, B, A, D, Iron, Niacin, Biotin and Zinc. The following is a review of these vitamins and how they help with keeping your hair healthy.

Vitamin C : This vitamin helps body produce collagen which is important to keep the hair healthy. It is a dependable antioxidant that fights free radicals that are known to damage hair making them weak and break easily.

Iron : Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss by making the hair become thin, dry and dull. This is due to Iron helps with normal red blood cell formation and therefore transport of oxygen to the roots of the hair. If there is not enough blood flow the hair will not get proper oxygen and will begin to thin and eventually fall off.

Vitamin B : This Vitamin triggers energy and metabolism which would help the hair grow faster. In short Vitamin B helps to promote growth of every cell in our body. For hair, it accelerates hair growth. 

Vitamin D : This vitamin is essential for hair looking healthy and lustrous. Any form of deficiency will make your hair look dull and thin. 

Niacin and Biotin : Niacin nourishes the scalp while Biotin accelerates the rate of hair growth. Biotin is essential in production of fatty acids and amino acids. Low Biotin is likely caused by very low caloric diet that reduces the intake of many nutrients below recommended levels. Bad nutrition and low caloric diets can cause hair loss.

Vitamin A : This vitamin accelerates the production of sebum in the scalp. Sebum prevents your hair strands from drying out. Dry scalp can cause thinning of the hair shaft at the root and eventually lead to hair breakage and hair loss.

Vitamin Zinc : Zinc can be found in red meat and protein. Zinc deficiency is usually associated with low calorie diet which can lead to hair loss. Since zinc overdose can be associated with many adverse physical conditions, Zinc supplements should be taken under medical doctor supervision.

Your daily food intake should contain many of the vitamins that are mentioned above not only for healthy hair but for maintaining a healthy body. 

Article by
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon