The Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures for 2016


1. Breast Augmentation: Breast Augmentations are more popular than ever! The silicone propaganda/ban is a thing of the past with improved Memory Gel Breast Implants. Mentor Breast Implants also come with an amazing warranty! (
2. Tummy Tuck: Women between ages 28 and 40 are realizing that a Tummy Tuck and/or a Mommy Makeover is the only way to get back their youthful figure and are taking advantage of having surgery sooner than later. It is a surgery that lasts and is perfect for those who have finished having children. 
3. Facelift/Necklift: Women are realizing that they are overfunding non-invasive gels and fillers for their face and and are seeking more permanent solutions such as a Facelift/Necklift in Dr. Ward’s practice. Once we are over 50 years old, fillers can look overdone and don’t do anything for the neck or tighten your facial muscles. 
4. Male Aesthetic Surgery: Male aesthetic surgery such as Liposuction, Body Contouring, Eyelid and Facelift Surgery is the fastest growing market for plastic surgery. Many men are wanting to look younger as they are staying in the workforce longer and find themselves competing with younger workers for jobs.
5. Fat Transfer/Grafting: Fat Grafting is a procedure that takes fat from a less desirable area and uses it in areas such as the face to give you a more youthful appearance and is quickly becoming a routine procedure in Dr. Ward’s practice. It last much longer than fillers such as Voluma and Juvederm and has a more natural appearance. 
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