So you probably have heard the term “weekend facelift” and you’re having a difficult time imagining what it is.  Could it be a facelift that’s done on a weekend or is it a facelift that is easy to recover from in a weekend?  The procedure is remarkably effective at improving the jaw/neck line and removing the double-chin deformity.  There are some caveats that one needs to know and understand that it is not a procedure that can be carried out in all patients.  In order to have a so-called weekend facelift, typically our patients need to be under the age of 55, and have a weak (recessed) chin.  Many of these people have a family history of double chins, they are quite familiar with fatty tissue in the neck at a young age in their family and they begin to have issues in the mid thirties.

The procedure is carried out through a very small incision, typically smaller than 1 inch, right underneath the chin which is not visible. Through this incision, the fatty tissue in the neck area up to the jaw line is removed and sometimes a small amount of fatty tissue can be removed from the jowl area.  Through the same incision, a tight pocket is created just in front of the jaw to place chin implant. This portion of the procedure is referred to as a mentoplasty.  Through this same incision the muscle structure in the neck area is tightened.  The result is a neck, which is svelte with good definition in the jaw/neck line area, and an improvement in the facial symmetry because the lower third of the face is better represented, more proportionate after the procedure.

Those people who are not good candidates for a weekend facelift are typically people above the age of 60 and people who have a very significant amount of loose skin in the neck area with significant wrinkling in the neck and/or folds. These individuals are usually better candidates for a traditional facelift.

The term minimally invasive surgery has been used to describe this procedure because there is little interference with the tissues during the procedure and it is easy to recover.  Usual side effects are mild pain in the chin area for 2-3 days, bruising in the lower portion of the neck, some swelling in the anterior jaw area, and the neck area as well.

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