The 2 Ways Tummy Tucks Help after Weight Loss


After working hard to reach your target weight, it can be very disappointing when excess skin and loose tissue remain behind to detract from your weight loss achievement. A tummy tuck is an ideal procedure to schedule after reaching your target weight to complete your body transformation and accentuate your weight loss success.

1. Remove Excess Skin and Tissue

When excess skin and loose abdominal muscles remain after weight loss, you may still feel embarrassed to wear certain types of clothing or swimwear despite your weight loss. It can be frustrating when you feel like your hard work and dedication doesn't show because of the loose, flabby skin.

During a tummy tuck, not only is excess skin removed but the underlying abdominal muscles are tightened as well. The result is a more toned, smooth, sculpted midsection that gives you the confidence to feel comfortable in your own skin and wear the latest fashions. Additionally, loose folds of skin can lead to skin infections, so body contouring can also contribute to better health.

2. Help Motivate Patients to Keep the Weight Off

Arecent study has shown that the benefits of body contouring surgery after extreme weight loss extend far beyond the aesthetic and may even motivate patients to keep the weight off. The study compared the long-term weight management of gastric bypass patients who had body contouring surgery after their weight loss to patients who only had gastric bypass. Patients who underwent body contouring were significantly more successful in keeping the weight off in the years following their weight loss than their counterparts who didn't have body contouring.

Because of the increased success of long-term weight management and the improvement in overall patient health, post-weight loss body contouring may be considered a positive step by anyone who is proud of reaching his or her health goals.
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Denver Plastic Surgeon