In general both saline and silicone Implants come in a few different projections, or profiles: high, moderate-plus, moderate, and low. Just as different sized implants suit different women, each profile may be a better fit depending on a patient’s goals. Our breast augmentation patients in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area
are able to “try on” implants of different sizes and profiles during their consultations.

High-profile implants
offer the most projection, which means they stick out farthest from the body. Because high-profile implants have a conical shape, they often look more proportionate on thinner women with narrow frames and breast diameters.

Moderate-Plus profile implants
offer a segway between high and moderate profile implants. The projection of these implants is intermediate between the two and offers another opportunity for us to use different implant brands to find an implant size and projection that breast fits within the footprint of your breast.

Moderate-profile implants
offer a medium amount of projection. Their rounded look can provide a significantly increased amount of breast volume, creating a fuller, natural-looking appearance for women with both moderately narrow and wide frames.

Low-profile implants
offer the least amount of projection but more fullness around the diameter of the breast. Low-profile implants offer a natural-looking result for patients with wide frames.

Unlike volume, which I encourage patients to pick for themselves using our sizing system, implant profile is typically something I choose for you based on your goals and anatomy. Using the measurements we take during your initial consultation, I look carefully at the various implant profiles and brands available to find the best fit for you. This can mean an implant that is very close to the volume you liked during consultation but not that exact number. Taking this customized approach to breast implants allows us to best meet your expectations and results in hundreds of happy augmentation patients each year.
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