The New VOLUMA Injectable: Up Close By: Vincent Lepore MD


You’ve probably been hearing the buzz surrounding the new Juvederm Voluma XC -
It’s the latest injectable filler from Allergan, a hyaluronic acid gel that’s thicker than Juvederm, and designed to provide more of a ‘lift’ to certain areas. It’s now FDA approved for adding volume to the cheek area – filling hollows, and/or giving you a lift to your cheek.
Lots more to come on this, as we use it more, and eventually, most likely, add other treatment areas.


It is currently the longest-lasting filler available. The injections last from 18 months, up to 2 years.


If you tolerate other hyaluronic acid fillers well, you will most likely have the same tolerance for Voluma, in terms of allergic reaction or sensitivity. (We’ll provide more detailed product info for patients who’d like to know more)
And, since the gel is hyaluronic acid-based, the results can be reversed, if you wish.

The same notes about injectables apply here as well, in terms of the possibility of bruising, some swelling, redness, and pain. (most of the time, these potential side effects resolve within a few days)

Remember, when you’re having any kind of injection; whether it’s Botox or Fillers, refrain from alcohol consumption for a few days prior. *With your doctor's knowledge and permission, don’t take aspirin or herbal medications that may thin the blood (to minimize the potential for bruising and swelling).

At bedtime, keep your head slightly elevated for a day or so following the injections, and hold off on the ‘intense’ exercise for a day as well. Check with your doctor about the proper ways to use cold packs, and what’s best to relieve any pain you might have.
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