The importance of Precision in blepharoplasty. (Upper eyelid surgery)


  1. People of discerning taste know that the eyes are the one area of the face that require the most attention to detail with make up. Correctly made up eyes not only enhance the look of the eyes but enhance the attractiveness of the face overall. It is similar with eyelid surgery. A quality surgical result  is like wearing make up in the sense that well done eyelid surgery has the benefit of this enhanced look. It's as if wearing eye make up all the time, purely from the surgery alone.
  2. It is not widely appreciated just how much the level of finesse in Upper eyelid surgery has progressed as performed by leading surgeons. 
  3. People who are price driven, incorrectly assume they will be obtaining the same quality of result, only at a lower price. Of course this is not so, because only a few surgeons can practice at the highest level. To obtain this quality of result requires the surgeon to have an aesthetic eye as well as understanding of the nuances of the anatomical differences between attractive and ordinary. Then having the technical finesse and attention to detail to obtain the transformation predictably, without excessive swelling and recovery time.
  4. That is why it is so important for the people considering eyelid surgery to thorough research this.
  5. Having upper lid surgery is an opportunity of a lifetime for the benefits it can provide, so it makes sense to use this opportunity wisely. It is wasteful having to repeat this surgery later and it is not always  possible to correct a mediocre or poor result by going to the right surgeon later on.
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