When you look, some people age quicker than others. Even though they might have looked after themself, they don't have sun damage, their just face tends to fall, and often these people say, "Oh, you know, I'm aging like my mother, or I'm aging like my father," and it all boils down to what facial structure you're born with. People are born with those strong cheekbones, well-defined jawline, that supports the soft tissues. And there are some people who look lovely in their teens and early '20s, but deep down, they didn't have a good bone here that projects well. Then, when the bone shrinks here, it starts to sag prematurely. You often see these people more at an early stage.

What Influences How a Person Ages?

Dr. Bryan Mendelson addresses the concerns surrounding causes of a person's facial aging, noting that the facial structure can indicate how the aging process will affect each individual.