How to Get the Best Breasts for You


If you’re considering breast augmentation, you’re not alone. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures performed today.The goal of breast augmentation is to boost the patient’s self-esteem – either by improving body balance in a small-breasted female or restoring fullness and breast shape in an older patient.A high patient satisfaction rate is common when the breast augmentation is performed by an experienced Board-certified plastic surgeon after a thorough evaluation and consultation addressing these and other factors:

What type of implant should you get? There are two types of implants: saline-filled or silicone gel-filled. The sticky silicone of the gel implants offers a more natural, softer feel, making them very popular. The newer so-called “gummy bear” implants have a thicker silicone gel that doesn’t leak if ruptured. Saline-filled implants – although less popular – still play an important role.Saline implants are firmer and have the advantage of allowing adjustability in volume, which is helpful in women whose breasts are asymmetric.And if you’re under age 22, saline implants are your only choice due to FDA age restrictions on silicone gel implants.

What size implant should you get? Choosing the right size implant is the most critical of breast augmentation considerations.Implant size is classified based, not on cup size, but on the volume (in milliliters) that is placed within the implant. In general, a B cup implant is in the 200 cc range; a C cup is 300 cc; and a D cup is 400 cc.Anatomic factors, like skin envelope---the quality and tightness of the skin overlying the natural breasts—must be considered. Young, athletic women often have a “tight” skin envelope with very little skin laxity and should choose a conservative-sized implant, as the skin may not stretch well upon placement of a larger implant.Conversely, a looser skin envelope – commonly seen in the more mature woman – allows for a larger implant. The base width of the patient’s breast also affects implant size. In general, the implant should fit within the dimensions of the base width in order to avoid excessive cleavage and/or excessive lateral (to the sides) projection of the breasts.

What shape implant should you get? In general, traditional round implants will provide fullness to the upper pole of the breasts.But the recent introduction of anatomic (tear-shaped) implants offers you another breast shape option.Tear-shaped implants seek to provide a more natural, sloping breast shape.

Do I also need a breast lift? An implant in itself can give a small lift to the breasts.However, if there’s substantial drooping of the breasts, a lift (mastoplexy) must be performed in conjunction with the implant placement.In general, women who breast-fed often need a lift.When standing, if the nipple position is below the natural breast fold level or pointing downward, then a lift will be needed.

More questions? A thorough, complimentary consultation and breast examination is the best way to answer your other questions about rapid recovery, minimal scarring, CareCredit® financing, long-term implant manufacturer’s warranties, breast-feeding, mammograms, or any other concerns, and to see our private, on-site surgical suite. The best outcomes begin with a strong doctor-patient relationship. “You…only better” is not just our motto. It’s our commitment.
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