Summer, Sunshine, Sunscreen, and Dentistry!?!?


Summertime is here!  More daylight, warmer temperatures, sandals, changes in routine, vacations, and that “laidback feeling” all make for a favorite time of year for many folks.  Although most probably wouldn’t say “woohoo, it’s summer, let’s go to the dentist”, here are some reasons why it may be worth a second thought to include the dentist in your plans this summer:

School work and attendance policies have become increasingly demanding for students, making it harder and harder for parents to take their kids out of school for dental appointments, especially if multiple appointments are needed.  The flexibility offered in the summer months is a win-win for parents and students, especially if the promise of a trip to the pool afterwards sweetens the deal!
• If summertime fever is getting to you, and you don’t feel like going into the office quite as early or staying as late as usual, or if the grill or golf course are calling your name, your dentist is here to help!  Come in for a mid-morning appointment so that you can’t possibly make it into work until later in the day, or opt for an early afternoon appointment so that it wouldn’t make any sense at all to return to the office for the day afterwards.  See, your dentist has you covered!
• For college students, it can be difficult to find time during the school year amidst work, studying, and socializing to go to the dentist, and encouraging your young adult to schedule an appointment with a dentist in an unfamiliar community may not yield the result you intended.  Summer appointments are a great option for college students home from school—they can get everything taken care of that they need to, and your dentist can even work with your student to accommodate their work and sleep schedules!  Another bonus- students won’t be covered on their parents’ insurance forever—may as well make the best of coverage while it’s available!
• For many in the field of education, summer is a welcome break from the regular hustle and bustle of lesson plans, meetings, and overbooked schedules.  Your dentist can arrange an appointment time for you so you can still make it to coffee with your friends, to the pool for the afternoon, or whatever it is that exemplifies summer for you!  
• Top-notch dental offices strive to keep patients comfortable throughout their appointments, especially during the summer, keeping the office nice and cool and having cold bottled water ready and waiting—for cold-natured patients, some offices even have blankets available just in case!

Regardless of what course your summer plans take, your dentist looks forward to catching up with (or meeting) you at your next appointment!  Of course, stay safe, have fun, and always remember the sunscreen!

Article by
Columbia Dentist