Stretch Mark Removal in Beverly Hills


Stretch marks removal in Beverly Hills is women’s top priority after pregnancy. Beverly Hills women are shocked to have developed ugly stretch marks after pregnancy or with weight gain and loss. In Beverly Hills stretch mark removal techniques include different types of lasers and creams. Do these really work?

What causes stretch marks? Stretch marks develop as a result of loss of dermal integrity which occurs after rapid stretching of the skin during pregnancy, growth spurt, or with weight loss and gain. Most of the stretch marks concentrate over the lower abdomen and around the umbilicus. While some believe that stretch marks only occur in darker skin women, I have seen it in all skin types.

Treatment of Stretch marks by Laser in Beverly Hills: Pulsed dye and vascular lasers can be used to treat stretch marks. Newer fractional resurfacing lasers appear to have a favorable effect as well. These lasers help by blending in the color of the stretch marks, while helping to “shrink” them. Some claim that lasers increase collagen production and help heal stretch marks. The fact is none of these laser modalities have been shown in scientific studies to have removed stretch marks. Lasers might alter the appearance of stretch marks but lasers don’t remove stretch marks.

Treatment of stretch marks by creams in Beverly Hills: Retin-A and chemical peels stimulate collagen production in the skin, which is claimed to help heal stretch marks. Hydroquinone which is a bleaching cream does lighten the appearance of the dark stretch marks but this is only temporary.

Surgical Treatment of Stretch marks by tummy tuck in Beverly Hills: A tummy tuck removes the majority of the loose skin of the lower abdomen, thus removing the part of the abdominal skin which bears almost all of the stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Tummy tuck in Los Angeles is not designed for only the removal of stretch marks but also to tighten the abdominal wall.


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