Small breasts? Not a problem!


Women with small breasts might envy those with big breasts, but women with abnormally large breasts also have unspeakable worries.

People with abnormally large breasts feel stressed out about their body shape. Not only do they have problems finding the right size clothes and in other everyday life activities, but they also suffer discomforts such as development of eczema under the breasts. In some rare cases, they experience spine deformation. For uncomfortable reasons like the above, many of them want breast reduction. Surgery is usually under general anesthesia.

Reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) is removing a portion of breast tissue to create breasts with proper size and beautiful shape. Surgical method for reduction mammoplasty varies according to size and shape of breasts, position of areola, and degree of sagging, and direction and length of scars vary according to the surgical method

Reduction mammoplasty method can be largely divided into three, and according to the scars left after surgery, it can be divided into “infra areolar longitudinal incision reduction mammoplasty”, “I shape reduction mammoplasty”, “and “T shape reduction mammoplasty”. Recent trend prefers surgery with short incision length.

Surgery lifts up the breasts, reduces their size, improves the shapes, and smaller breasts help increase the mobility of patients. Patient satisfaction of this surgery is so high that the most common phrase I hear from patients after reduction mammoplasty is “I regret why I didn’t have this surgery sooner”.

Return to daily activities after surgery is so fast that after 1~2 days normal daily activities are possible and the patient can have simple shower. The biggest problem after surgery is scarring, and about after 6 months, scar becomes softer and color becomes similar to the surrounding skin.

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South Korea Plastic Surgeon